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MG MGF Technical - end of the road?

Evening all,

Is it the end of the road for rover mg?

Give your thoughts

cheers sarah
sarah blunt

Sorry Sarah, have spent most of the day over on crying over the posts on the "General MG or Rover Related" section.

Also some on the "MG Car Company" section on here rather than the F Tech section. I'm all posted out, off to the pub to have a laugh with a few other MG owners and a guy who 'supported' Britain by buying a (Ford) Jaguar.

Hi Sarah

This may be a little callous, but if it is the end of the road for MG Rover, what will it do for to the resale value of our cars?

Cheers Neil

The automotive community will leap into action to supply an abundance of spares at sensible prices i.e. less than MGR. I hope! Who's selling, get out there and polish it. Maybe Ford will buy up the mgtf, they need a sports car. Just dreamin.

<<Maybe Ford will buy up the MGTF, they need a sports car>>

Ford have a sports car, just far too expensive and currently being shipped back to USA for yet another recall. Hope Clarkson never gets his, or if he does, that it costs him every spare penny he possesses.

Ford also have the second best roadster in current production (may move up a notch over the weekend).

Interesting that the S2K got #1 in the JD Power Survey this year.

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