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MG MGF Technical - Engine air inlet temperature

Thought I'd extract this from the side intakes thread - I've put the sensor of my outside air thermometer (which used to sit behind the front bumper, but I'm not likely to need a frost warning just now!) in the mouth of the engine air inlet. If you've not seen this, it's against the engine compartment rear bulkhead about halfway down from the top. As there've been numerous comments about the temperature in there and the advantages of getting the air from somewhere cooler, it seemed it would be interesting to see how hot it gets.
So far, on one 10-mile run in 18-19 deg OAT I was getting around 35-36 deg at the inlet. It wasn't too sensitive to the amount of welly I was giving it, but a stiffish breeze onto the right hand side seemed to make the temperature go up a bit more.
Today, another typical (!?) West of Scotland May day of up to about 20 deg I saw as much as 50 deg in the traffic on the way home, but mostly between 35 and 45 degrees.
That makes the air going in the hole 5-7% less dense than what's outside. A nice cool intake could give that sort of power boost, so worth investigating.
I'm tempted to try some lash-up scoops to see if they have an effect on their own without re-jigging the inlet ducting.
Has all this been tried before?
M Cunningham 1

Not sure the indicated temperature would be particularly accurate, but the trend looks logical. Not sure where your density figure come from, but air at normal temperatures is unlikely to act as an ideal gas because of the water content.

Roger P tried fitting an MR2 undertray which he said worked well. There was an inconclusive discussion about whether this might direct rain into the engine compartment as well.


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