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MG MGF Technical - Engine bay

My K & N air filter has fallen off!! What is the best way to put it back on in terms off getting to the top of the engine?

Thanks in advance

Engine bay cover out!
Bob Millar

Why can't you just release the wire grill and simply fix it back on and retighten the terry clip?
John Thomas

the grill will not release

You would need mighty thin arms to work through the grill surely.

And it will release. Just give it a right hard pull (!)
Bob Millar



If you still find you need access to the engine bay to refit the K&N then the instructions in the MGF/TF FAQ should be of some help...
Paul Lathwell

Alan, pull from the front of the grille first, and it will come out with some effort (you wont break anything)

If you want to gain access through the inspection cover (certainly easier to access the filter this way), see
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 20/02/2004 and 22/02/2004

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