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MG MGF Technical - engine bay

sorry to sound thick ,
only im a new mgf owner and would like to know how i axcess the engine bay
t.m doncaster

You kneel in either seat facing the back of the car and access the 5 cutouts equi spaced in the rear of the parcel shelf liner. Each of these hides a spring clip which holds the back of the hood down to the bodywork. Open these 5 clips and work the back of the hood free from the body.
From outside the car lift the back of the hood forwards,, carefully folding the rear screen without kinks. You need to tie it up out of the way - a couple of bungee straps to a wiper arm should make it easy. Still from the outside; remove the black liner on the parcel shelf and then the heavier sound deadening material too. This will reveal a flat plate over the engine access which is secured by 10mm bolts. Remove the bolts and you can lift the panel out giving you access to the top of the engine. It takes about 15 minutes and is easier to do than to describe!

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