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MG MGF Technical - Engine Bay Fan

Hi all,

Got a niggling problem with Envy which has been around since last year. I'm off to Switzerland in the car in August so I need to get it sorted.

Engine bay fan - normally it works away quite happily comes on when it's supposed to etc. Very occasionally I'll hear a loud whirring sound coming from the fan. I assume this is a bearing on it's way out or something similar. Does anyone know a rough price for a new fan? I've done a search on the net but can't find anything.

Cheers chaps,

Emma (& Green with Envy)
Emma Jackman


My fan has made a terrible racket since the car was brand new. In fact you can feel the vibrations coming from it when it turns itself on. To be honest i think they are pretty cheap and nasty and they either work or they don't.
David Clelland


Try the link below, it could be your answer.

Tony Harrison


save cash and get a second hand one.
Btw. we have a user in our German Forum who drove for about one year without that fan....
The car is still well.



Emma, the price for a new fan is 126.29, part number PGG000270.

See you Thursday at the DT ;)

Ralph Gadsby

Makes me realise I can't remember when I last heard it start - perhaps it's failed! I know it seems to get quite hot in there as I'm trying to make progress installing a cool air inlet system. Measurements near the air filter housing can apparently get up to 50+ degC!!
Mike Cunningham

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