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MG MGF Technical - Engine bay overheat light

My mgtf has been smelling of " hot engine whilst running with top down but no warning lights on. Investigation found a corroded and siezed cooling fan. This has been replaced but now I have noticed that the engine bay overheat light does not initially light when the ignition is turned on. I have checked the fan fuse and this is OK.

Do warning lights on the instrument panel burn out?

Could it be a problem with the temperature sensor?

Any other ideas?


M.E. Prior

Either of those could be an option - as could be a disconnected sensor or perhaps the fan itself is unplugged???
Rob Bell

Since writing this I have tested the fan by turning on the ignition and heating the sensor with an air gun. Fan cuts in after heating for a few seconds and cuts off again a few seconds after removing heat source. Therefore the problem looks like it is with the instrument panel bulb.

Is it a difficult job to strip an instrument panel and who supplies replacement bulbs?

M.E. Prior

Did the engine bay light not come on when you heated the sensor for the fan to work? The warning lamp is turned on by the ECU, not directly by the sensor, so the ECU connections may be worth checking.

Dash pod comes apart fairly easily.

This link doesn't deal directly with what you need, but does show how to remove the instrument pack - thereafter checking the bulbs and changing them is a doddle. :o)
Rob Bell

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