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MG MGF Technical - Engine bay temp

Just wondering if anybody has thought anymore about reducing the engine bay temp to similar levels on the TF.
S Laithwaite

Not sure how low Roger Parker got his engine bay temperatures with the Toyota MR2 Mk2 engine bay air scoop, but this seems to be a very neat potential solution to your query SL.
Rob Bell

S Laithwaite

Is TF's engine bay temperature lower?
Why is that?

because of the different side scoops??

Hanah Kim

Yup, absolutely right Hanah, apparently those TF airscoops are responsible for a 10 degree C temperature drop in the TF engine bay compared to that found in the F...
Rob Bell

Geez... i prefer my side scoops :-)

They are sexier!!

But 10 degree drop is amazing.. and very effective.

I am very interested in Roger's result, as I have been waiting for that for long time.

But Roger's got a TF now hasn't he?
Hanah Kim

Yup, Rog is now a TF jockey. I wonder if he still has the MR2 scoop though. If he has I might steal it and perform some more temperature monitoring with it :o)
Rob Bell

Sweet DR. Bell.. sounds like a good deal!

tomorrow I have a DPAT (diseases and pathology exam)
and I am on the net, .... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

wish me luck!

About to apoptosise (if there is such word) :-)
Hanah Kim

Good luck Hanah! Ugh, I hated pathology exams... I don't envy you.
Rob Bell

.. pathology practicing at an MGF wreck is much nicer ;) good look and don't cut in your own fingers ;)

re: lower engine bay temp,
I think none has compared here until now by taking off the 'useless' resonator box at the MGF, is it ?
Dieter Koennecke

Hi all,
it is OK to take away the resonator box - but if the area isnīt covered at least the same amount down into the wheelarch as the old resonator-box You will end up with a lot of dirt around that part of the engine !
I have blanked off that area somewhat with a sheet of thin makrolon. Will take some pict. and send to Dieter.
My side vent extension (as seen on Dieters Tech Site ) gave force 9 into the engine bay compartment ! But there is also a need for more escape-route for the air . Still the same number and size of those vents on the TF....
Regards , Carl.

>to take away the resonator box - but if the area isnīt covered at least

Carl, didn't you read about the TF design on the other thread. I think there is nothing any more, already since introduction of MY2001 new designed bigger airbox.

Dieter Koennecke

Please explain more about removing this resonator box. Why is it here and are there any real problems to be expected if it is removed. Is the air flow really increased as much as you say?
S Laithwaite

I removed the resonator box (in very small pieces) two years ago and have left the gap open. I was initially worried about dirt getting into the engine but I have not noticed any problem.
Spyros Papageorghiou

Rob! Done the test today. I think it went great! ;-D

New most of it.. didn't know some, but oh well..

You understand my pain... *sob*..

Resonator boxes (recently popped) sound really unwanted by owners here... (they are all peaking for reasons to take it off!)

I liked Carl's side intake. No actually I like Carl's car. Do you want to swap? ;-)
My car can be viewed on Dotcomoff at Paul's site...
with Sir Name Kim. :D

Bit silly today huh.. sorry
Hanah Kim

The only reason I leave it on is in case I need to refit the original filter.

If as was said the dirt does not get in then I must also think that the air doesn't either.

Ted Newman

>Why is it here and are there any real problems to be expected if it is removed

I'm afraid, but nobody knows what it's good for ;)
See the black box in the wheel arch.

Belongs to the air intake system at MK1+MK2 (pre MY 2001) cars.
Air direction was from below rear at the subframe through a 70mm hose to this box. Then thriugh the box and out to the airfilter box.

At newer MGF with larger filter box this resonator box is left out. So as well at the mgtf. Air hose starts also below at the subframe, but enters the bigger filterbox on the rear, opposite to the old box.

Most of us air 'players' without open K&N Filter removed already the connection pipe between filterbox and useless resonator box. I connected a 500m long 70mm dia hose there and let it down to the LH airintake.

The resonator box is difficult to remove. Cutting in pieces is the easiest way.
I did not currently but I'll try to cut it in a way which enables to re-assemble a piece of it as 'mud protector'.

Hope this makes sense.

Dieter Koennecke


I think the resonator is the toughest part on an MGF!! I broke a few hack-saw blades trying to cut it up and had to use an angle grinder at the end - big mess. Take care you don't cut the hydragas pipe.

Spyros Papageorghiou

Great to hear that the Path exam went okay Hanah! Phew, get that one outa the way. :o)

Hmm, the antomy of the resonance box is far more interesting eh? ;o) LOL

Looking forward to seeing some pix Dieter. I've left my resonance box alone for much the same reasons as Ted - in case I want to revert the car to completely standard at some point in the future. I'll leave it there, so long as access to the air vent on the same side is still accessable with 100 mm ducting for my new airbox ;o)

BTW found that Demon Tweeks retail ducting, 69 mm internal diameter, silicone heat resistance, and re-inforced with metal spiral wire. It's perfect for the job of routing air to the TB from an air box :o) 30 quid including all taxes and delivery :o))
Rob Bell


been at german MGR dealers today to having my very look to the TF 'internals'

On this topic two pictures related to the resonator box.
The hole is still there, but no box.
BTW this is already since MY2001. So Trophy as well.
For comparison again the other from my current MY1999 with the silly box.

Anyway, I hear on Spyros and let it be until I get bored of it ;)
I would the place a kind of wheel arch liner then to the both free bolt holes to protect from mud ingress.

PS. more TF internal piccies on another thread

Dieter Koennecke

TF 135 and 160 use an airbox with two cold air pick up pipes, each with a radiused end moulding. One picks up in the same general area as the original pick up of the MGF and the other picks up in the area where the resonator would have been fitted. Each has the same approx bore dimensions as the MGF single unit.

Engine bay temps on the TF are reduced by 20% or 14 degrees as measured in the immediate area of the alternator.

Apart from the obvious external differences with the body shape and the influence this will have on the airflow in, round and through the engine bay, it is interesting to see some plastic shields with louvres placed in the spaces that are adjacent to the wheelarches. The angling of the louvres indicating that the wheel rotation that usually causes a positive movement of airis potentially drawing air from the engine bay.


I couldn't get consistent results with the MR2 plastic scoop. However when compared to the old 218iS when cross referenced on the same day I did find that the ECU surface temps were colder on the F. This is with the scoop. I did remove it along with all the other special items I had fitted and it should be in the garage. In fact quite a few of these items I shall not be using again.

Roger Parker

Rog, drop me an e-mail - I may be interested in some of these bits and bobs - especially as *hopefully* I'll soon have a garage to store parts in! :o)
Rob Bell

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