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MG MGF Technical - Engine cover

How much time do you need to set aside to remove engine cover?
Got the sticking clutch pedal this morning and wanted to have a gander in my lunch hour...
Paul Bevan

That will be your lunch hour.
Hood up, unclip, tie forward, carpet out, 11 bolts undone ....
reassembly is the reverse of the above (as Haynes used to say).

Better still. Find a biker at your office and nick some Scottoil. Works a treat!
Neil H

Hmm, Saturday hangover job then...
Paul Bevan

If you have a TF or a MY2000 MGF, then the task is made somewhat trickier due to the speaker box under the T-bar trim... oh, the fun and games! :o/
Rob Bell


When you fold up the rear of the hood, don't rush it and keep an eye on how the plastic window folds. If you get a kink it might crack in the current cold weather.


"somewhat trickier due to the speaker box under the T-bar trim"
Tell me about it. Had the engine cover off to change HT leads recently - the first time since putting the Mk11 T-bar and speaker box on my 97 car - and what a performance to get the sound proofing out! Any helpful suggestions?
Russell Parslow

Not really Russell - other than thining out the sound deadening material so it's easier to fit?
Rob Bell

Luckily it's a 97F... Which is greater: the risk of cracking the window or the risk of the clutch pedal assembly going kaput if left untreated??

Paul Bevan

If treated carefully no risk with the rear window, so that leaves the clutch!

Johan Slagter

This thread was discussed on 21/01/2005

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