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MG MGF Technical - engine cut out Any suggestions please

Out driving last night and the engine just cut out with out any warning !! got it home and appears to be electrical as there is no spark at the coil lead every thing else seems to be working fine fuel pump runs etc did have it run a little funny the other week but parkedit up and it was fin next day Any suggestions ?
M Huggett

Use a multitester to see if there is voltage on the wiring to the coil while cranking the engine. If not, immobiliser could be malfunctioning. Suspect more likely to be just a flakey coil.

Does it turn over? ie voltage reaching starter motor... a common fault is poor engine to body earth.

Yeah turns over fine,
Coil tested ok but not Im not convinced as there is a very very weak spark but still wont start. thought it might be the crank sensor but have been told tht if thats faulty the engine will not fuel either but the injectors are woking ?
M Huggett

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