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MG MGF Technical - Engine cuts out if cold

Hi, desperately need someone competant!

Had a years worth of hassle with my VVC.

Basically its an intermittant problem - seen a lot more in the cold and damp.

When I drive to work each day, I pull out onto some fast roads and I'm off.. - no problem with the car at all.

On the odd day I drive the other way into town. If I am queuing in traffic, and the engine is still cold, then the car can get this horrible cut-out-id-ness.. The revs drop instantly and the car stops... - fire it back up and the cars okay for a few seconds, then does it again.
Once the engine has finally warmed up, the problem disappears.

So far I have had Rover replace the engine management timing switch, 'tune' the car, change the air filter, HT leads, Coil, oil, spark plugs.. and it still does it.
I have also now tried an ITG filter, and run the car on Super unleaded - still occurs.

My bank balance can't cope.. Rover just say its something different each time and bill me + hours and hours of diagnosis..

What is it? Does anyone know?

N Hillier

Could it be a stick Idle Air Control Valve (IACV)?
Do the revs idle smoothly, do they return to idle easily?

Other than that it could be a failed temp sensor, and the ECU thinks the engine is hot when it is, err... not.
Do you have any trouble starting?

Will Munns

Don't have any probs. starting the first time - obviously once stalled I think all MGF's don't relish being re-fired straight away.

Well, when started cold the car goes straight to 1200 revs (or whatever), and when the engines hot it revs at 800ish, so that seems to show that the temperature sensor is okay.

Interested in the IACV idea.., when cold the car also stammers if you do floor it too hard - but you'd expect that with a cold engine right?!?
N Hillier

I just had this exact problem a few weeks ago and it turned out to be a relay (for the fuel pump) on the ECU was faulty.
J Price

This thread was discussed between 28/05/2003 and 02/06/2003

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