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MG MGF Technical - Engine cutting out

Hi, I have an MGF 2000, VVC, with 21K kms.

When I rev the engine (even when not driving, so at 0 kph), the engine goes easy to a higher level of rpm (with a lovely sound). OK, no problem.....

Now the problem:
When I release my foot of the accelerator pedal, the needle goes down to 0 rpm.... cutting out the engine... then I restart the engine and itīs ok, only if I keep my foot at accelerator pedal.... if not, it comes down to 0 rpm again.... cutting the engine out...

The dash shows the engine red ligth on, when its ocurre (the second one, up to down, in the middle of the dash)...

anybody knows what should I do?

Thanks and regards.

Eduard Miro

Will the engine not start without you pressing the throttle pedal? Perhaps worth trying the throttle position sensor re-set procedure? I forget exactly what the procedure is but you'll find it in the archives - search for TPS reset

Also worth checking all the electrical connections on the throttle body, and maybe clean them up and spray with electrical contact spray.

Good luck...

fuel pump bandit, yes I will do and also I
Eduard Miro

I found a short circuit at battery main cable (red one), just repair it and the problem was solved.
Eduard Miro

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