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MG MGF Technical - Engine Failed to Start

The other day, my MGF 1.8i failed to start.
I had driven about 3 miles and parked up for about 5 minutes. When I tried to start the engine again, it turned over but failed to fire.
I checked the water & oil and both OK (recently had blown HG so looked for repeat).
I tried to start again after about 5 minutes, and it fired first time. I have had no problems since.
The only thing I can think of that might have caused the problem was that the outside temperature was about 30 degC.
Can anyone give me a clue please?

C.J. Hall

the engine is prone to flooding, if it happens again:

Open boot and remove grill
On LHS of engine bay aginst the LHS wall you will find a inertia switch, give it a few knocks with somthing (back of a screwdriver, heel of a stilettoe (?)
and try to restart,
it should crank, fire, and then die
now press the button on the top of the inertia switch to reset it.
Switching on the ignition you should hear the fuel pump prime, it should now start fine.
Will Munns

Handy tip Will - making a mental note...

"Always wear stilletoes to drive, in case of floods"


Scarlet Fever

Errm, no I keep them in the car for ...

I'll get me coat
Will Munns

I used to work with a Chris Hall at Hook, Line & Sinker in WGC. R U He?
John Ponting

I'd see for the inlet air temp sensor and connector, instead.
Dieter K.

I had the same problem with my VVC.

Definately an Engine management problem, and unfortunately it wont just go away. Rover in their wisdom replaced the ecu on my warranty, which fixed the issue, but i reckon its just a dead sensor somewhere that they had trouble finding.

Good luck.

I also had the same problem on my VVC - but it did go away. I think the engine just flooded - it was extremely difficult to restart, to the point that the AA was called. It did restart after a lot of cranking - and hasn't repeated the trick during the past five years.

Hopefully, it won't happen again - finding the cause now is probably not worth the effort. You did the right thing by leaving it for a few minutes, and the computer got it right at the 2nd attempt.


Thanks for all your comments.
Looks like another MGF feature.
I think I'll pray it doesn't happen again.

C.J. Hall

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