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MG MGF Technical - Engine Fault Indicator

Just to add to the mountain of issues I've had I know noticed that whilst driving at speeds of 70+ the car feels out of control or just REALLY sensitive!

then my engine fault light on the dash came on flashing amber for about 30 secs and then went off and this happened twice over the space of the weekend!

I've booked into the dealers for next sat to get it look at whilst they also repair the leak which is soaking my drivers footwell and also replace the carpet as promised!

Anyone else had this light come on in their TF's?

Sounds as though your dealer has a long list of problems to sort out Darran :o(

Odd handling - was your car covered in the suspension bolt recall that effected TFs with VIN numbers D600xxx to D609xxx (mgtfs delivered between Febuary 2002 and December 2002)? If so make sure that all the necessary checks have been carried out.

Engine fault light - could indicate that there is a problem with the sensor return readings from the post-cat Lambda sensor. Your dealership's Testbook system should pick up on this fault quickly.

Leak into passenger footwell? Sounds like the old MGF favourite problem of a leaking heater seal! Covered by warranty however :o)
Rob Bell

Rob - Tell me about it mate... my dealer knows me better than any of his other customers! I hate being one of those annoying wingey customers but with a list like:

Faulty Calipers
Oil Leak
Faulty Electric Window
Water Leak in Footwell
Holes worn in carpet due to mats rubbing
Engine Managment fault
Suspension bolt recall
Hood recall
there's too many other problems that i've had enough of talking about! :-)

I had two new tyres fitted last week but this weekend I was driving on the motorway and the car felt VERY unsteady when accelerating above 60mph. The steering felt VERY twitch and I was fighting with the car not to snake out of control! Then later on saturday the light appeared whilst driving and then same light on sunday.

Last time the car was with the dealers (Nov 2003) for HGF! I said to them if one more thing goes wrong with this car I want a new one and I wasn't joking! it's only just over 18 months old!

The drivers footwell is completely soaking under the floor mats and smells really damp! MGR have already confirmed that they will replace the carpets under warranty as there's about 4 holes won in them from the floor mats and poor quality fitting!

I'm currently finding it very difficult to convince myself not to by a TT or Boxster!

Ouch :o(

Too late to reject the car I suppose? :o( Thank goodness for 3 year warranties!

If the tyres have just been replaced, then it may be a good idea to look at these for the cause of the odd handling. Have they been put on in the correct direction? What tyres have been fitted? Bear in mind that Goodyears often need a few miles to bed in properly, and with the recent windy weather, any tyre grip issues would have been readily exposed. Also check that the tyre pressures are okay and as MG prescribe (you'd be amazed how often this is done incorrectly!!!)

I'm pretty sure that the MIL issue is just a sensor problem... and your dealer should have little problem sorting that out.
Rob Bell

Cheers Rob - I've checked the pressure a few times and even had the torque checked after 100miles i.e. sat morning!

gonna just put it in the hands of the dealers now!

>Anyone else had this light come on in their TF's?

Yup, pretty sure it was the same light. Also experienced a loss in power at the same time. Had the car transported to the dealer through fear of causing any damage and when they had a look at it the fault was reported to be a faulty spark plug - changed and all has been fine ever since.

This was a March 02 car for reference. HTH. :)
Paul Lathwell

Cheers Paul, hope mine's a trivial as this! the biggest pain for me is that I have to take the car to the dealers on a sat as I work during the week and don't get home until 18:30 and leave at 08:00 so even though it's only a days work to fit carpets, solve leak and sort engine fault I still have to wait a week to pick the car up!

RE passenger footwell leak.

Having experienced water ingress into the passenger footwell for some weeks, I have finally tracked down the source. Previous theories considered and eliminated include door seals, leaking coolant and the seal around the heater matrix.
The culprint was a loose plug in the floor pan, location approx. 6" inboard from the cill and 8" forward of the front feet of the seat. This plug is originally secured in position with a mastic, which in my wife's car has failed. A few minutes with a wire brush and a tin of car goo has solved the problem.
Paul Liverton

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