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MG MGF Technical - Engine Flood or MEMs error?


I bought my 97 1.8i last week, five years after I sold my 98 VVC, so am just getting back into F driving.

One thing I noticed (that I have never seen before) was this:

I started the (warm) engine then immediately decided that I would get the top down as the sun had come out, so turned it off after it had been running for approx. 3 seconds. When I started it up again it seemed choke up after a second and then I had no spark, as if it was flooded. I left it for ten mins or so, and in this time also had a look at the fuse box, removing and replacing the MEMS fuses. After this, it started and all was fine.

I was wondering if it was a simple flood (does the engine management inject more fuel in the first few seconds for example?) or a case MEMS confusion due to being fired up then switched off - I have seen something somewhere on the boards about a way to reset the MEMs by turning the key to I and pumping the gas pedal five times and wondered if this is true?

Anyway I would appreciate any thoughts,


CP Cowen

Probably just a simple flood Chris, they do stick a lot of fuel in at first, and it would still have been 'cold' when you restarted a second time. The procedure you allude to is to reset the Idle Air Control Valve - not appropriate here.

Sounds like a flood. if this happens again then you can remove the fuel pump fuse or give the crash sensor a tap with a screwdriver - then crank the engine to clear the flood (it's clear when you get a cough) and reset the sensor or replace the fuse to start again.
Will Munns

Could be a lock out due to cat being in an illegal state. I have heard of catalysed cars not re-starting for 8 hours after being driven a yard. Once you fire it up run it for at least 30 secoonds
Stan Best

Okay, there's more to this. The fault came back a couple of times, and the third time I was stranded not able to start the car again at a petrol station. Had to get it towed to a garage by the RAC (How I have missed this since my last F! I should be getting my money's worth again for my RAC membership, which I have not called out for the last 5 years, since my I had my last F). Still, this will not put me off. I still like the car and nothing short of it catching fire will change my mind.

Since I only bought it a couple of weeks ago, I am hopeful the car dealer will take care of it under their limited one month warranty. In any case, I don't think it is anything major. The garage have only had time to have a quck look and it is not obvious yet but they think it is electrical and something to do with the fuel supply. When they get time to look underneath it, it may become clearer.

Should find out a bit more tomorrow.

The goog thing is that this time, the F is a second car, so I am not desperate to get it back immediately, and would be driving my van most of the time anyway. Having two cars is great, but only possible if they're both quite cheap (by that I mean older) ones.

BTW - does anybody know if you can get the MEMs diagnostic software - or is it still only trade only?
CP Cowen

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