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MG MGF Technical - Engine Fumes in Car

I have recenly bought a 1998 MGF 1.8i fitted with hard top.I can smell engine fumes in the car,is this a peculiarity of a mid engine car or could there be something wrong, any help would be appreciated.

Is it engine fumes you can smell or petrol as some earlier cars had a breathable tank,my 96 F really Honks in the morning when it has been in the garage overnight :0)
Im not sure on the year they changed the tanks though??

Nick Walters


I hope the smell is that of petrol rather than engine fumes. If it is, then this is a known problem with the petrol tank on the F. Searching the archive for petrol smells should identify lots of references.

If you bought the car from a garage then suggest taking it back to tell them they need to fix the smell.

In the early days of the F, lots of petrol tanks were replaced. I thought the problem was fixed before 98.



If it really smoke in the car (not petrol smell) then it's not normal; It could be broken exhaust or heater... In both case it could be dangerous cause engine smoke are very nocious...

Go to your dealer and have it check ASAP.


As the guys say, if you can smell the engine or engine fumes with the roof up, then there is something very wrong.

If the smell is faint, and only detected with the roof stowed, then this may be an extreme case of 'normal range'. Certainly I can sometime smell the hot K&N filter from time to time with the roof down...
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 05/04/2002

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