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MG MGF Technical - Engine Indicator Light Illuminated - code P1521

Long time since I posted here.
The missus took my TF to work at the beginning of the week and on the way home the Engine Indicator light came on. The handbook says:

Engine indicator (AMBER)
Illumination whilst driving indicates an engine fault
- If car drives normally, arrange a service appointment
- If light flashes and/or cr doe not drive normally, avoid high speeds and seek immediate assistance

I Borrowed an OBD reader from a kind ex mgtf owner. Connected up and only one code P1521 was found which, when looked up states:

P1521 Variable Intake Solenoid #1 Circuit Malfunction

but what exactly does it mean and will I cause further damage by continuing to drive?
It's my main car soI'm in trouble without transport.
David Mills

Sounds like a VVC problem.
Not having one by choice, I seem to remember to try the cam position sensor/wiring and or the position of the blue and brown solenoid plugs.
The blue plug should go between the small bore breather hoses, and the brown plug on the VVC unit together with the oil temperature sensor.
I know you have had the head off recently, so I'm surprised it hasn't surfaced before if it is the above.
Could be completely wrong, just my gut feeling.
Jerry Herbert

Well the head gasket was replaced but that was back in April 2010. I would have thought that if the connectors were the wrong way round that would have been an issue before now.
So either it's pretty serious or a wiring issue. If the latter I'm not sure what to check.
David Mills

Hi David,

Definitely sounds like one of the VVC solenoids (there are two I think). Worth checking for corroded/loose connection especially as they have been disturbed of late. I had an engine coolant temperature sensor go on mine due to a build up of corrosion on the connector contacts. A few squirts of Servisol Super 10 on the contacts followed by plugging/unplugging a few times wouldn't hurt and won't take a minute once you have the cover off. In fact, you might just be able to reach from the boot access hatch??

T Jenner

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