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MG MGF Technical - Engine management warning light

My wife has bought an mgtf on 04 plate - 1600cc. The warning light comes on every so often and the dealer fixes it and says it'sthis sensor or that sensor. Can anyone shed any light on the problem ?
Mike Clements

My light comes on from time to time. Rather than pay a dealer to switch it off every time I bought an OBD2 reader for about 40 and do it myself (2 minute job). It shows a fuel mixture problem and I've always put that down to me moving it in and out of the garage without letting it heat up properly. If I let it heat up and run the car then I never have a problem.
David Clelland

Hi David,
which reader did you buy and would you recommend it.
Cheers Simon.
S McGregor

This is the one I bought -

It's certainly paid for itself in the last couple of years.
David Clelland

Was the F OBD2 compliant only from MY2000 onwards?

>>Was the F OBD2 compliant only from MY2000 onwards?<<

David Clelland

OBD2 compliant with introduction of MEMS3 in January 2001 onward :o)
Rob Bell

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