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MG MGF Technical - engine misfire

hi rob, im having problems with the engine misfiring its ok on tick over or when you very slowy increase the rev range but if you increase it to hard it misfires ,the car was serviced to months ago and all has been well untill now any idears pete
pw wright

Hi Pete,

I presume that the dealer will have renewed the airfilter and done all the usual servicing checks? Might be worth quickly checking these areas to ensure that they've done the work they've charged you for!

If the car is a pre-2001 1.8i, then replace the distributer and rotor arm. Do you know when the spark plugs and HT leads were last replaced? If not, then consider renewing these as well (I actually replaced my HT leads with magnecore leads from B&G, and they've been extremely reliable for the last 4 years).

Those are the basic areas - and replacement parts are very cheap, so definitely worth doing anyway. If that don't solve the problem, then occasionally the crank position sensor can cause problems, and other potential problems also include inlet manifold air leaks - but start at the commonest/easiest things first.

Hope this helps
Rob Bell

Mate did you sort out your problem? My 96 1.8i has just done exactly same thing. Really spluttering and missing on higher revs. Probably due a service but am going to recommend mechanic checks out dizzy and rotor arm etc??
D Glover

Mine was misfiring last year, just a little at first then progressively worse till it left me high and dry. RAC organised the "tow-in" and Morrisons of Stirling organised the lightening of my wallet by 93 to replace a 7.20 rotor arm which had developed a small hole (and I mean small) and was tracking to the earth.

Try the rotor arm first, for the price it is likely to be the answer.

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