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MG MGF Technical - Engine Noise, power loss

Hi People,

Recently my F seems to be lacking some power....
I feel as though I need to really put the needle up to about 5.5 to 6 thousand revs to get any power...

This does not seem to be all of the time, but i do notice it while over taking...

Also the engine does not sound as lively.. again I really have to get my foot on it before it purrs...

Any Idea's...???

Thanks in advance.....
Danny Rivers

You could try a fuel additive - I used Redex heavy duty fuel line cleaner, 5.
It certainly made a noticable difference to my MGF and indeed to my friend's MGF.
Its meant to clean the fuel lines and injectors, so giving back lost performance.
After putting it in the tank the car seemed to rev more cleanly and give margingly more power.

Do they sell it at Halfords, where is the best place to pick it up.. Worth a shot....


Danny Rivers

Start with basics like, how old is the car, which version, what mileage, when was the last service, what was done etc. This usually gives a clearer history, which often points to a need for a plug change possibly followed by other renewals/actions.

Roger Parker

This thread was discussed between 12/05/2002 and 18/05/2002

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