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MG MGF Technical - engine oil

Can you tell me what type of engine oil is recomended for the vvc engine please, semi or fully synthetic?
Cheers. Also are the tappets adjustable?
tony thomas

From the Owners Handbook

Oil specification
Use any brand of 10W/40 engine oil meeting the minimum specification: ACEA A2.
Oils manufactured to these specifications are suitable for use in the temperature range -20C to +30C

The VVC tappets are hydraulic.


According to the stickers on my windscreen MGR recommended Mobil 1 - which, as you know, is fully synthetic.

I notice that Castrol on their web site recommend Magnetec for the VVC, which is semi synthetic.

I have a 98 1.8i and I just changed my engine oil and I used the Castrol Magnetec. 10W40. (Cost $30Aus for 5ltrs)
The engine runs smoooooooth and during runnign temp, the oil temp gauge is sitting a little lower than before I did the change.
Less friction, less heat, I suppose.

Also with the purchase came a mini size cricket bat with lots of oil type stickers on it.

Aghh marketing,, Don't you love it!!



Magnatec is termed a part synthetic and probably contains 5% ester synthetic the rest is basic mineral and additives. Most semis will be 10-30% Synthetic. These oils are fine for normal road use but I would be cautious about long oil change intervals. Synthetics are more performance orientated, use few viscosity improvers and are more shear stable.


Hi Paul,

Yes I do agree, If you do oil changes every 20,000km then a good quality synthetic is recommended to be used. Mobil 1?

In my case, the oil looked a little on the black side and so I decided to change it. I am more comfortable doing a 10,000km change anyway.
Must be my "old school of thinking" habits. Somehow it doesn't "feel" right to me to run it for 20,000km without a oil change. I suppose it's just me.

And the bat was good fun!!


Thanks guys

tony thomas

I have been using a Penrite Synthetic but change at 5000km as engine gets pushed to 7000rpm a lot and has travelled 130,000km. Yep Branko it must be an "old school thing".
Andrew Regens


7000rpm!! (Shudder)

Is that the Penrite HPR5? SAE 5W40?

Sorry but a little off topic:
I also found that for the gearbox I can use Penrite Extra Light Gearbox Oil. 75-W80 GL-4 SAE.
Will soon change the gearbox oil.
I have a contact if you want.



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