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MG MGF Technical - Engine-out repairs

Having grown up with midgets and B's, I am considering getting a s/h MGF as a more up-to-date summer car. But I have heard that head gaskets and cam belts are a weak spot on the K series. Can any one tell me if it is possible to service these without dropping the engine ? Thanks.

It is totally possible to lift the head and replace cam belts with the engine in situ.
Like many engines, one of the engine mounts has to undone and supported to change belt(s) (2 on the VVC).
The car is not nearly as bad as it's reputation suggests.
There are very many people who use this forum, me included who have had no probelms with their cars.
Preventative maintainance is the key to any mid engine with front mounted radiator.

Have a good look around, buy the best one you can afford and ONLY with service history. They even have four grease nipples, so you will feel right at home.


Tony Harrison

Tony , i know i should know.........but where are the 4 grease nipples, i just leave the sericeing to the local garage but i intend to do more myself and as it will be front bumper off soon i,m going to do have a noisy around
thanks mel..
m e johnson


The grease nipples are on the top suspension arms....... you should just be able to see them behind the bottom of your shocker mounts (where they connect to the top arm)..

You may need to clear away a bit of road c*** to find them though
G. M Leonard

Cheers mate..
m e johnson

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