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MG MGF Technical - Engine production dates

I've just bought a 1.8 K series engine and I am trying to establish what year it was produced. I have the engine number. Any ideas where I can check this out please?
K series

I don't think that engine production records are in the public domain. That said, the K-series build manual will provide some useful information.
Additional clues to the year is to look at what ancillaries are attached - inlet manifolds, throttle bodies, exhaust manifolds and of course post-cat Lambda sensors all changed during production, which will provide you with an estimate (provided none of the above have been swapped in the past)...

What's the engine for, and where's it come from Neil? :o)
Rob Bell

Gaydon evidently now issue the CocC for MGF car Re-Importation so if it is from an MG, then presumably they must be able to tie engine numbers to car production dates.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Thanks both. The engine is a brand new 1.8 which I have recently acquired from someone who had it new some four/five years ago and never used it. Lucky me! I am going to fit it into a MK11 midget shell and so am now planning the next stage. I have a type 9 gearbox and need a bellhousing. Not being at all familiar with the K series I wanted to establish the age because, dependant upon this, will determine what I need to do to get the type 9 to fit. I thought this would be the best place to ask. Any hints on recognition etc you can give will be helpful.
K series

What's the engine number ?

I have a good range of engine numbers in a VIN collection, so might be able to help with the make year.

However, there's never been a change with the bellhousing.
Two types of gear boxes are available. Either the standard for 120bhp Engine or another for the VVC (144bhp)

Hello Dieter,
Sorry I didn't get back sooner. My engine number is 18K4FL492441. Thanks, Neil
K series


Hmmm, looks strange (for me)
18K4FL?? 492441
Isn't there a 70 or 71 just behind 18K4FL, followed by that sequence figure 492441 ?

... FL .. was used on cars with Steptronic (CVT) automatic Gearbox.

492441 engine together with FL was made for sure after year 2001.
That's all I could say without saying more then I know.

I have had another look at the number and can now tell you that it is 18K 4FL49 244175. Still from a steptronic and the newer model. It has no distributor.
K series

18K4FL49 244175
Nothing to add from my side, but never seen FL49 (FL70 and FL71 only).

May be not from an MGF.

Are you looking at the actual stamped in engine number on the block or just a sticker with the bar code on it?

Dieter, I found this thread quite interesting and out of curiosity had a look at the engine number for my 2001 Steptronic. It has the engine number 18K4FM14422322 so I am guessing that FM was also used to designate Steptronic engines. You probably already know that but just in case I thought you might want to add that bit of information to your database. Robert
Robert Matthews 1

18K4FL49 was built for a rover 45 1800cc auto with air con.
info courtesy of Powertrain files.


transam, uk,
Thanks for that information. Very useful. My engine has a flywheel which is larger than the 1.6 and 1.4 flywheel. It has a diameter of approx 11 inches. Was this the standard size as fitted to the Rover 45 1800cc?
I also have the twin coil packs and the throttle body is made of plastic. Again do you know if this was standard?
And last question, any idea of production dates for this engine number?

K series

My March 2001 Steptronic also has an engine number with the FM element it being 18K4FM14385563
A J Duthie

>info courtesy of Powertrain files.

That's fine. Didn't know that the engine files are linked to the car files in this way.
Was aware of the opposite direction of files, though.

I'd not worry to getting some copy of that ;)

Robert, A J,
Would be great to having your cars VIN's to that engine numbers. (And those of all other BBS user !!)
Gets direct and secure to me only.

Glad you found that info useful.
Unfortunatley, I can not cross reference an actual engine serial number to a VIN number from the engine number.
I will try to explain.

When Powertrain assembled engines they where assembled as complete power units including Transmission, air con compressor, wiring, and all the external trimmings. These where then transported from Powertrain up to the CAB assembly buildings and put into storage until that engine/transmission variant was required. They where then fitted to the car as complete power/transmission units. Powertrain therefore had no record of what individual engine was fitted to a vehicle by VIN.

I can however sometimes get the engine number from a VIN. Oddity of how the system was set up.

Here is a very basic breakdown of how to "read" an engine number. For instance 18K 4FL49 244175
18 = cc ( 1800 )
K = K Series
4 = valves per cylinder ( 16 valve engine in this case)
F = Multi point injection with Catalyst.

Now comes the good bit !

L49 = complete assembly designater ( far, far too many variants to list here )

244175= actual serial number of the unit.

Slight correction to previous comments in this thread from Robert Matthews.
1800cc Steptronic designater is in fact M14. The "F" refers to the fuel delivery type.

In response to K Series last question. The details you list would be correct for that engine. However, you may have to change the flywheel. If it is the original one for the auto build, it would be part number PSD102230.
For a manual you would need to replace it with a PSD101690.

Hope this helps.
Best Regards


Transam UK,
Brilliant, thank you very much. I am certain that others will also find this very informative.
I am in the process of putting this engine into a 1964 Mk11 Midget. I have sourced a caterham/rover bellhousing with a type 9 V6 close ratio gearbox. However the existing flywheel is too big for the bellhousing. I will have to find a 1.6 or 1.4 flywheel. The engine is new, having never been fitted. I hope the fact that it has been standing for 5/6 years won't have caused it to deteriorate in any way.
K series

K Series.

your engine should be OK but will probably benefit from a strip to check for any corrosion of the bores. should only be minor if there is any at all but it can vary as how the engine was stored.

Good luck with your Midget project :>)

Best Regards.

Transam UK,
K series

Transam UK,

Cheers ! Very useful, indeed.

This is what me collected from several sources and since all the 7 years of collecting VIN's and Engine Numbers.

- type of the K-Engine
16 - 1600 cc
18 - 1800 cc
K - K series -
4 - valves - 16v
F - multipoint injection with catalyst

J31 - 1800 standard engine & manual gearbox
J32 - 1800 standard engine & Aircon & manual gearbox
J89 - 1800 VVC engine & manual gearbox
J90 - 1800 standard engine & Aircon & manual gearbox
L70 - 1800 standard engine & Automatic Transmission
L71 - 1800 standard engine & Aircon & Automatic Transmission
M13 - 1800 standard engine & Aircon & Automatic Transmission
M14 - 1800 standard engine & Automatic Transmission
P23 - 1600 standard engine & manual gearbox
P24 - 1600 standard engine & Aircon & manual gearbox
P25 - 1800 VVC 160PS engine & manual gearbox
P26 - 1800 VVC 160PS engine & Aircon & manual gearbox
P27 - 1800 135PS engine & manual gearbox
P28 - 1800 135PS engine & Aircon & manual gearbox
P29 - 1800 120PS engine & Automatic Transmission
P30 - 1800 120PS engine & Aircon & Automatic Transmission
R30 - 1800 VVC 150PS Mexico Low Compression & Aircon & manual gearbox

stored secure on

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