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MG MGF Technical - Engine warning light

Just done some major work on the engine :D (will comment properly once manifold and ecu are set up properly), but the Engine warning light flicks on occasionaly. i take it this is a temperature sensor somewhere, we may just have knocked it when fiddling with the engine as sometimes the engine is not hot when it clicks on.
Can anyone advise where this is so i can check it, cheers

If it is the sensor i am thinking of Kingsley, then it is a temperature sensor and it is located on the underside of the cross member, just above the expansion tank.

Scarlet Fever

I recently had a problem with my TF and the engine light flashing on and off. Was also running rough and turned out to be a dodgy spark plug.
Paul Lathwell


When the header tank was relocated it was moved closer to the engine bay temperature sensor, so it is now reading the temperature of the header tank which will of course be quite hot.

We just need to move the sensor so that it reads ambient rather than header tank...

Dave Andrews

I'll have a look at lunch tomorrow, see if it's something easy.
Hmm, took 50 miles to get home tonight, and i only live 1.5 miles from work. :D
Should take out shares in BP too!

I had my engine warning light flash for several seconds a few weeks back (see the rather acrimonious earlier thread!!), only time it's happened...Barretts of Canterbury techie checked it over while the car was in for the recent recall and blamed it on the exhaust flap mod!!!!! Sounded highly dubious to me!!

Hope that you are enjoying the fruits of all that engine work Kingsley! :oD I suspect you must be if your journey home was over 30 times longer than usual! LOL

Have you managed to get an exhaust manifold yet?
Rob Bell

It is great fun!
still in progress Rob, once i get it sorted i'll get the ECU all mapped up properly then you can have a full breifing on the setup.


Glad to hear all is progressing with your plan :-)

When do you get the ECU mapped? If you speak to either of the Dave's (Andrews and Walker) can you please remind them that we're waiting for some options for our next Rolling Road day? Thanks.


I'll give dave walker a ring and ask him


Do we assume that the car pulls like a train now...! Mmmmm torque n' horse power Mmmmm
tim woolcott

Up to about 3k revs its a bit flat then just try to keep a hold of the steering wheel! exhast manifold and mapping should even things up a bit.

Do you find any lumpiness without the Emerald ECU on?

If you fancy turning your car in to the 'M40 high spec taxi service' say the 29th you could always pick me up from London drive me to DVA, then to Leamington Spa and back home to London. I'm Kidding (honest!) :0)
tim woolcott

The Emerald currently has a basic map for my spec on it and runs fine with this, the car will (just) run with the MEMS in place but i wouldn't like to drive it anywhere.

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