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MG MGF Technical - Engine Warning Light

I have just changed oil and filter air filter and drained and refilled 50/50 water. Now I have the engine warning light staying on what have I or haven't I done. I haven't touched the electrics apart from taking off the battery
A.I. Morrison

I don't know it you have a TF, but believe that they have oversensitive oxygen sensor monitoring which can reset the fault lamp if the original trip fault doesn't reccur after half a dozen restarts. Maybe give it some time...
Otherwise a testbook fault diagnosis/reset may be required. HTH

Many thanks Charless
you have helped to put my mind at rest. It is an MGF a year 2000 but as I am finding out the manual does not always correspond with the car,an obvious overlap the loom must be earlier and the air box later but not to worry its just a pleasure to drive and own (even though i did buy it for my girl friend last year) My L200 is coming off the road this month so I can put (our) beloved MG on for the summer.
Happy Motoring everyone
A.I. Morrison

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