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MG MGF Technical - epas ?


while driving, on bad roads i can not hold the steering wheel straight. it goes right or left just like epas doesn't work. could it be ? is it possible reparation ?

thanks in advance
turgut yaslica

Hi Turgut

Is the car badly 'tramlining' (following ruts in the road)? This would suggest a wheel alignment problem (look for evidence of uneven tyre wear), and is cheaply solved.

To see whether this is a problem with the EPAS circuit, try pulling the main EPAS fuse from under the front bonnet to disable the power steering. The car is perfectly safe to drive in this condition. Then take your car out on to the same roads and see if the same 'steering' effect occurs.

If an EPAS problem, always start by checking/cleaning all the connections to the EPAS ECU - pictured here with Will's EPAS bypass instructions:

Hope this helps
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 29/04/2004

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