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MG MGF Technical - EPAS adjustment

Hi I have the dreaded "Left turning car" and decided to have a go at the fix posted by Keith Starbuck, Rob Bell and Darren Jeffery. Problem is I have a multiplug with SIX cable to the torque sensor.
When attaching the battery and a multimeter I get no reading on the finest settings. If I turn the steering wheel I would have expected a change in the meter but nothing. Is there a different way to setup the six wire torque sensor?

Thanks in advance

Mike J
M Johnson


is 6 spades, but two of are N/C ?
Refer to the wire colours please.


Hi Dieter

Thanks for the quick reply. There are two more wires that are connected into the torque sensor from the plug. I think they were blue and white and use the holes that are blank in the second jpg you sent.I had to reconnect everything so I can get to work tomorrow.:-(

The wiring diagrams are actually on your site

The worry is I could not get a signal out of the sensor when connected the way shown on the epas_reset.html even when moving the steering wheel.

I will do some more digging and maybe take a photo next weekend and at the same time it has been suggested I try a new meter.


M Johnson

Errrm,... confusing ... I start to get you :)
The diagram is for sure the older type of EPAS, until the black coloured box got introduced.
May be anything got made easier later.

Do you see the short circuits inside the ECU regarding that diagram ?
Orange & Blue-Green
and also
Orange-Yello & Orange-white

hi all going to change my track rod ends i have play on the pass wheel. and the the tyre looks likes it wearing on the inside is that tracking or track rod end failure then ??

darren jeffery

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