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MG MGF Technical - EPAS disconnection

I hate power steering on sportscars. Has anyone tried pulling their EPAS fuses out, to disable it? Does it work? Will it damage anything?

Hi David

I don't have power steering myself but virtually all the other sprint and hillclimbers that do remove the fuse when competing - so I guess this method works fine!

I do however think that the steering on PAS cars and non-PAS cars have a slightly different ratio.


Richard Eaton

PaulN and MikeP are now so used to their cars with disabled EPAS (they've removed the under bonnet fuse) that they don't miss it!

I've bucked the trend and have kept EPAS- when you live in an area where parking is a major form of physical exercise, one appreciates the assistance it provides.

Actually, I've been planning for quite some time to insert a relay into the EPAS circuit that would save the effort of having to remove the EPAS fuse... but maybe I am just being lazy! LOL

Rob Bell

It will work but has a different ratio than non Epas steering. Personally I have no problem with the Epas now I have my suspension sorted, it's still one of the best examples of power steering I have ever used. You get a lot more feel though it than others I have tried in the past.

Personally I get more information through the seat of my pants than the steering wheel anyway.
Tony Smith

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