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MG MGF Technical - EPAS Over-ride circuit

Hi all,

just been putting some of the info passed on to me by Will on the construction of the EPAS by-pass circuit.

Will, can you look through the page. Any howlers?

Cheers :o)
Rob Bell

Perfect... nearly :)

What is this good for ?
<META NAME="Template" CONTENT="Macintosh HD:Applications:Microsoft Office 98:Templates:Web Pages:Blank Web Page">

Please replace with
<meta name="keywords" content="Roadster, Rover, technical, MGF, mgtf, EPAS, power steering, cut-out, switch, Rob">
(or similar)

The technical search engine will like it.

I put it to my next to do list !

Dieter Koennecke

Wilco Dieter! :o)
Rob Bell

Looks good, but is it possible to make the pictures so clicking them gives you a big one?

Will Munns

Yup, that's a possibility Will- good suggestion, I'd been thinking about that too. I'll work on that when I've got a few moments spare :o)
Rob Bell

Hi Dieter, I have changed the meta name and content to what you've suggested.

BTW I didn't put that microsoft rubbish in there - I was being lazy and put the page quickly together in Word and then edited the html ;o)

I haven't altered the other pages' meta names... boy that looks to be a mighty project going back to sort all those out! :oO
Rob Bell

Thanks, though I still am a bit worried, why non of your documents at gets listed in the search engine.
Much confusing. I'll start the indexing tonight again.
Dieter Koennecke

I need to start work on relocating the site to Stefan's server - maybe over the comming long weekend, we'll see. Ideally, I need to alter the meta tags for all the pages as part of the change? Any thing else that would be useful to do?

Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 22/03/2002 and 26/03/2002

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