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MG MGF Technical - EPAS Query

Recently my 18 yo son commented to me that the MGF (yr 2001 Step speed) had a marked tendency to stray to the left on the road (driving on the LHS of the road since Aust is RHD) if he took his hands off the steering wheel. Initially my instinct was to tell him to "keep your hands on the wheel" but he has a good feeling for cars so I resisted and questioned him further. After testing on the road myself I found that he was correct. I thought it may have been the camber on the road but that turned out to be not the case.
I put it on the hoist and took off the wheels for a closer inspection. Nothing visibly wrong. So I turned on the car and the wheels were driven gently to the left by the EPAS. I re-centred them and let go and off to the left the went. I re-centred them and moved them say 45 degrees to the right and let to the left they went.

Clearly something is astray with the EPAS. It has an asymmetry for some reason.

Has anybody come across this before and if so, what might be the cause and hence the cure?

I am sure that the assembled wisdom of the BBS will be able to come up with a solution.

d mottram

the problem is the sensor in the steering coloumn,

Rover say: replace coloum.
I say: If you are not exactly sure of what you are doing replace the coloum, else if you make a mistake (like overtightening or undertightening a seceureing screw) you will find the car drives you off the road and there will be nothing you can do about it.

that said, there is a sensor on the coloumn and it has come out of alignment, jack the front of the car and losten the screws, realign the sensor till the wheels turn neither left nor right, job done.
Will Munns

Thanks Will.

I will attend to it first thing in the morning and report back.

d mottram

Has anyone used the chaps in Greenwich who say they can fix the "steer left" problem, for 235 - see attached fleaBay ad? If it's as simple as you say Will they must be making a tidy sum... have always been intrigued to know what's involved and if they're any good.

Will Harvey

There is always a rather cunning alternative -

...which is on my task list for next week
Mike Hankin

Will, the Ebay part is not OK. Not worth the huge money they ask for.

The fixture brackets are brocken.

I can report that the adjustment of the sensor has done the trick and to date it has not steered the car off the road. Thanks for the tip Will.

d mottram


Is there any chance you could possibly write up a bit of a "How to" type discription of what you did?

I would be very interested to give this a go myself but have no idea which sensor I'm looking for or even where abouts I would find it.

No offence intended Kris, the reason why I was so vague is the chance of this going wrong and causing a severe accident if so is quite high if you are a novice.

If you are unable to work out the sensor location you probelby shouldn't be tweaking it.

There is a reason why rover don't trust their garage's to tweak this, it isn't all about the $$$
Will Munns

Ok Will, fair comment!

In which case, could this, in your opinion, be handled by a trained mechanic even though he may not have done this particular job before?

Reason I ask is that I have a mechanic who I use frequently and in my opinion is a very capable one at that, so if I where to point him in the right direction and he could do it, I know I'd be looking at a bill of 20 rather than 200! :o)

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