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MG MGF Technical - EPAS sensor

This information might be of use to someone, if you have EPAS problems. My car pulled to the left at low speed. Jacking up the front of the car, the steering felt ok without the engine running. Starting the engine, the power steering always turned the wheels to the left. To test the ECU I unplugged the sensor and inserted 4 x 1K (1 %) resistors to simulate the sensor. Starting the engine, the EPAS light goes out (as it thinks the sensor is connected) the wheels remained straight ahead. To test the sensor I applied 5 volts at the 2 outer pins of the connector to the sensor and measured the voltage between the 2 innner pins. With no force on the steering wheels and the wheels off the ground (no force acting on the sensor) the voltage should be zero. In my case was about half a volt, enough to make the ECU thing that I the steering was being turned to the left. Not that I recomend anyone fiddling with the sensor but I adjusted the sensor by moving it in the slotted screw holes until the voltage on the meter read as near to zero as possible. Then rocked the steering whell a few times to make sure that the voltage returned to as near to zero as possible (between +-10mV). Put everything back together and the steering is fixed.


Good work Keith!
More proof that modern cars aren't complicated.
Cannonball Bob

This thread was discussed on 24/05/2004

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