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MG MGF Technical - EPAS voltage question

Does anyone know what the voltages should be to the steering column EPAS sensor (Black and Red wires). My car pulls to the left at low speeds (but only with the EPAS connected. If I disconnect the sensor and measure the resistance betweenone of the 2 the sensor potentiometers to each end (with no force on the steering wheel) if measures 940 ohms to one end and 1150 onms to the other. I suspect that it should be equal (about 1k each way) hence the EPAS applying assistance to the left. Before I go any further I just anted to check that the correct voltage is applied to the sensor potentiometers.

Keith, the EPAS is one area I really wouldn't want to make a mistake on* - MGR have the same opinion and only alow you to buy the whole column - I would open each connector and spray with switch cleaner, and if this doesn't fix the problem I would be looking at getting a second hand version from MGF Centre.

*The thought of the car driving itself into oncomming traffic horrifies me
Will Munns

Yes, I've thought of that too. The sensor is adjustable but it's an absolute pig to get to. So I wanted to check the voltages first, just to confirm that the EPAS ECU was ok. There are one or two reports of "Pulling to the left, Turning right has less assistance, Feels like steering sticks when turning right. I wonder if they are all the same problem. Also it seems to be 2000 cars which seem to be most affected.

This thread was discussed on 12/05/2004

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