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MG MGF Technical - Euro Headlights - MOT Pass?

I am currently spending a lot of time on the continent, as such, the anti-blind-other driver thingies on the headlamps are getting to be a pain as they cut down on the beam too much.
If I fit Euro ones i.e. ones that point straight ahead, will these be legal and pass the MOT when it comes up?

Euro headlight alignment IS a cause for MoT failure.

Couldn't you get a set of Euro headlights and keep your UK ones safely for when you return to dear old blighty? I suspect Dieter has a spare set!



PS Seeing you on the Treffen this year?

Will try that Patrick and keep them with the cat. Dieter - did they survive?
This will mean I will have a spare set of headlamp masks for someone on the Treffen:-)

If you change to Dutch plates you can have a Dutch APK instead, it should pass this with continental lights, no trouble :-)

Just get a triangle and a bulb kit, and oh yes, a spare set of glasses if your in France.

No cat will fail an APK also in Holland. If you need any Dutch driving info let me know, useful things like giving way to the right (strange but true :-)

It's a pitty the glass headlamp covers don't come with a corrective prescription lense to point the lights forward instead of to the left :-)
Tony Smith

Think I'll keep it UK registered as I will be going back regular and it is a while til the MOT.

Can always change the lihghts back again, I'll have to put a cat back for the MOT anyway as well.

Do my old orange indicators, rolling round the boot count as a bulb kit? (Got the triangle & spare specks)

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