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MG MGF Technical - Excessive fuel consumption : solved

A few weeks ago, I reported an excessive fuel consumption (250 miles with a fueltank).
I've been adviced to change the spark plugs (my F has 30 K miles on the clock).
I haven't changed them yet (probably when I'll do the next oil change in 1000 miles) BUT I cleaned the K&N airfilter and, guess what, now I've done 320 miles on this tank with still about 1/4 of the tank left on the gauge (yes, I know the gauge will drop fast from there)
Cleaning the filter is really an easy and quick job. worth doing it every 5 or 6 K miles !



What did you use to clean the K&N filter - the proper K&N cleaning kit or something else. I'm considering taking mine out for a quick clean despite the fact that the technogarble says it only needs cleaning every 48k miles (?). On the other hand I don't want to unecessarily buy the cleaning kit.
Paul Lathwell


it was the official K&N cleaning kit (borrowed from a friend).
After 20K miles, my filter was really dirty, I cannot imagine how it would have been after 48K.


Noticed at the weekend that my K&N was rather disgusting. Interestingly (or not), it was dirtiest on the side facing away from the intake pipes.

I have a cleaning kit from Pipercross for their foam filters - will this be OK for the K&N?

If not, where can I get a K&N kit? Kinnor I presume?


Service kit available from Demon Tweeks at 9.89 + delivery. Came up to about 12 quid in all.


>>Interestingly (or not), it was dirtiest on the side facing away from the intake pipes.<<

mine too

>>I have a cleaning kit from Pipercross for their foam filters - will this be OK for the K&N?<<

I don't know.
The K&N kit includes a cleaner (de-greaser) and a can of oil (red coloured)

This dirty filter issue helps to add yet more value to my original suggestions about enclosed air boxes. It's one that I wasn't expecting though. Just to add to this my K&N filter element in my standard airbox with the modified cold air pick up remains virtually as fitted which points to a very much longer service interval that what the exposed clamp on obviously needs.

Roger Parker

I suspect that the problem is not so much the filter's exposed position, but rather the cool air ducts efficiently collecting road debris as well as air. Depending on the positioning of the ends of the cooling tubes in the engine bay relative to the filter, I can cake the filter with 'stuff' on the front, the rear, or all round the filter...

Hey Fabrice, nice one! Always great to read solutions to problems!

Interestingly, I reported the dirty filter syndrome last year and suggested then much shorter than advertised cleaning intervals. From your experience, it looks like a 20k mile clean is too infrequent- and should be done at least once a year, or every 12k miles.

I have noticed the top end (over 5k rpm) performance of my car have trailed off this season, and suspect that the filthy filter is the explaination. I have a cleaning kit from Kinnor, and plan to use it very shortly!

Rob Bell


You mention above that you have a K+N in the original airbox plus the cold air intake pipes. I like the sound of this mod. Is it detailed anywhere with part numbers and where to purchase. Does this also give improved performance as the 57 kit.



(My car is a MY 2000 VVC)

I thought fuel consumption also depends on how hard you drive the car?

Tony, Rog's converstion uses a K&N panel filter. The cold air intake to the standard air box has been re-routed from the usual position behind the gearbox transaxle to the left hand air intake grille.

I haven't got the full details on the performance of this set up, but it does yield a useful improvement over the standard set up. I suspect that the 57i will yield more top-end power however.


Rob Bell

I cleaned my K&N RU 3190 now after 15 k miles. Remember, it is much larger then the 57i Kit filter.
And I would say. It was time to do so.
I purchased the K&N cleaner/Oil material too.... to find out wether it can be substituted ;-)
Result: (only my suggestion) Use the oil, but the cleaner can surely be replaced by a standard 'cold' de-grease fluid (Not that stuff for paint-brushes!! but the one to clean engine parts) which can be washed out with water after its use.


>>the cleaner can surely be replaced by a standard 'cold' de-grease fluid<<

I totally agree Dieter,
the degreaser I use for my mountain bike seems to be the same.


PS : how'ss your new job ?

Just cleaned my filter today, and juk, was it disgusting! I was shocked at how much dirt came off it. I knew it was dirty, but this dirty...?

I don't have the knack of re-oiling; I have certainly over-oiled the thing. Let's hope this present me with a huge disaster!

Overall, definately a good job to do- hopefully will see the top-end performance improve along with a little fuel economy.

Thanks Fabrice for reminding me to clean the filter- same again next year mate?



PS Dieter- I am curious too- how is the new job? :o)
Rob Bell

Do Kinnor supply the K&N filter cleaning kits? If so does anyone know about how much they cost. Oh, and for that matter can someone also remind me of the URL for thier website?

Now what else can I ask... :)
Paul Lathwell

Hi, (sorry no MGF contend)

>PS Dieter- I am curious too- how is the new job? :o)

Thanks for your kind question and interest :))
It's OK. Colleages are fine guys, the company is totally flat organized. A new experiance of modern electronic manufacturing organisation.
Written on paper is that we've only one 'boss', the MD, and some coaches...(5 for 250 employees)
As said... written on paper.. LOL.. let's see how the truth looks ;-)
I'm trained on a job I recently do not know about what it will be ... trained at each department for the next 2 to 3 month and join then one of the 3 manufacturing 'TAG's (Partial autonom workgroups).

The circumstances of traveling each weekend .. *g* .. if the MGF works further on it will be no problem. Next dealer is app 40km apart from my recent appartment. And this appartment ... Ahhhm.. it's another story.
Has someone a small appartment for sale in Bad Hersfeld *g*.

A bit sad but recently no internet access possible. We've a little niggle there on internet assess... ROFL... they report a kind of 'hit list' from the proxy server, common for all, indicating the most assessed server... that isn't but :))

- 1.8i BRG 68k km without HGF -

Ahmm, time for advertising stuff:

just ask Lesley, she can help you, she helped lots of us :)
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all readers:
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So far the advertising :)
Keep clean :)


Paul, got my kit from Lesley @ Kinnor!


Rob Bell


Sorry- again very little MG content!

Good to hear that the new working 'environment' is good. A bit irritating that they spy on the Proxy servers :o( Still, I am sure that the most 'hit' server might have been 'worse' than!!! ;o))

Pants flat eh? Sorry to hear it. I hope that it can be spruced up readily.

Still, at least you have the advantage of driving the F long distance twice every weekend! Roof down I hope LOL!

All the best

Rob Bell


Rob - price? :-)
Paul Lathwell

Tony & Rob,

The panel filter and re-route of the cold air pick up was worth a max of 6 bhp increase, or about 75% of what the 57i kit gives. At peak torque rpm at 3000rpm I found another 9 lbs ft of torque. This due in no small part to a reduced intake air temp of some 12 degrees C.

Roger Parker

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