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MG MGF Technical - exhaust[again] sorry

do the mgf mgtf ,vvc , etc...have the same exhaust,ie...will they all fit each other ....MEL.....
m e johnson

No in a nut shell , early VVC F's are different from later, Mk 1 to Mk 2. So I presume TF's are different again.
Andrew Regens

Looking at standard exhausts:
The F got an additional lambda sensor in the exhaust system, forcing a new layout for the exhaust box. Probably to add to the improved flow, the TF go a new exhaust, with a flap that could control the opening (or better closing) of the second pipe.

Yes and no is the answer.

Yes any exhaust will fit to any MGF or TF - BUT you'll have to either fit an adapter pipe OR replace the cat.

All MGFs and TFs built after 2001 have a Lambda probe after the catalyst. This means that all cars built after 2001 have interchangeable exhausts (the only exception being the early SVA type approved Trophy 160s readily identifiable by the lack of ABS fitment).

The catalyst on these cars have a longer post-cat pipe that bends through 90 degrees to the exhaust back box mounting flange.

So you can fit a post 2001 exhaust to an earlier car, if this length of pipe is replicated. Mike Satur and the MGFC do these for their exhaust systems (so they only have to build one pattern of back box to suit all).

What you can't do is fit an early, pre-2001 exhaust to a late car - UNLESS you change the cat for an earlier type, and tap the replacement back box for fitting the secondary Lambda probe.

Probably more information than you need - but I hope this clarifies things! LOL
Rob Bell


walked past the development car park in Gothenburg past a row of brand new S40 T5's with very interesting looking exhausts with the scaffolding look of the Trevor Taylor FExtreme pipes. Industrial chic must be back. Well done Trev

Ok they are angled downwards a bit but there is no mistaking the you think they are cottoning on?

I have to say that they are a lot less tarty looking than the barryed up Z style pipes! In fact they are very cool.

Also saw 2 S80's with THE most brutal single 3" black "drain" pipes
I wonder what they are thinking? I suspect they are just for product development but blimey!

Of course you wont hear the engione though Swedey regs way beyond draconian


thanks rob that has been a great help...........mel....
m e johnson

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