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MG MGF Technical - Exhaust - Janspeed vs Daytona

As both my tailpipes have broke down, I'm thinking of changing the standard exhaust on my 2001 VVC for a more "sporty" sounding system.

I'm considering Mike Satur's Daytona or XPower Janspeed.

I would go for round tailpipes if possible (TF style)

What's your opinion on those systems?


I can't give a direct comparison of performance, but both ought to be very good. I like the Daytona back box on my car - it sounds good without being too intrusive. I am sure that the X-Power system will be similar.

Go for the one that you like the look of best - and if you get to hear both, which ever sounds the best to your ears... :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob

I sent an email to Mike to know about the price of the Daytona.


Well I have almost all the information I need to place my order to Mike (thanks Aimee for your patience!)

As far the tailpipes

[problem with my keyboard / fingers!]

As far as I understand, the tailpipes are not welded to the backbox, which allows you to change the tailpipes to another model if you like.

The question is how do you fasten them to the backbox?
I was thinking of a pair of exhaust clamps. Can someone confirm?

That's pretty much right Jerome :o)
Rob Bell

thanks Rob ;-)

now I must decide wether I do it myself or bring the car to the garage (because of the rusted bolts)

After shearing a cat bolt, I confess to taking mine to an exhaust specialist to fit ;o)
Rob Bell

Hi all!
Got my Daytona from Mike Satur this week: Only a 6 days trip from UK to the middle of Norway. Impressive!
A local garage mounted it for me in 40 mins. Did nice work, and not that expencive. (They are echaust experts, and said it was a very well done exhaust!)I have oval end pipes, they where real big, and are fitted with clamps. Very nice sound on accellration, not so much when steady driving. I prefere that. Today I have mounted K&N filter and new Toyos, will have a nice trip tomorrow! My MG is an F, 2002 mod. steptronic! GREETINGS FROM NORWAY!!!!!!!
O A Rostad

Rob, Ole,
I think I'll do as you did and take it to the garage.
Did the clamps come with the backbox?

I have Toyos fitted too, they are doing a good job.



You will not be disappointed with your choice. I had a Daytona fitted about six months ago. I've hardly used the radio/CD player since. The noise of the Daytona is far more entertaining. I agree with Rob regarding fitting. My local exhaust centre fitted mine. It took 45 minutes to get the old exhaust off. They had to cut it off - on a TF that was only 3 years old. It was 45 well spent.

R Thompson

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