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MG MGF Technical - Exhaust or Air Filter.

The exhaust on my 1997 1.8 MGF appears to be on its way out, the RAC inspection 12 months ago stated it would need imminent repair. When the time comes I thought I would replace it with a stainless steel alternative although i'm not sure now. I'm looking to increase the noise/growl slightly and performance, however, I don't really want to increase my insurance when making any modifications.

So now I'm wondering would a new air filter/induction kit achieve what I'm hoping for without the need for a
D Parr

Buy a filter kit - you'll get plenty of lovely induction noise, and more power:

not much contest in the value for money stakes. But then you can't *see* a filter when it is installed - and that is part of the delight of an aftermarket exhaust: they can look superb.

If you need a new exhaust anyway, it seems like the ideal opportunity to replace it with something more 'interesting' - and really, it shouldn't over burden your insurance.
Rob Bell

K&Necond what rob says, a filter is the best performance mod for
Tom Randell

Pick up a second hand Trophy exhaust to free up the exhaust breathing.
Martin Chappell

Err, given the above, there is very little breathing to free up!

Seems like there is not much bhp gain on an exhaust and people buy them for the sound.


I agree Jasper - the back box isn't the limiting factor - the standard cheapo exhaust manifold, on the other hand, is a different matter...
Rob Bell


I fitted a K&N filter - noise is superb without being intrusive.

I notified my insureres - Lancaster - who did not charge me any extra.


Sam Murray

Do Both!

The filter for the performance, the Exhaust for the will transform your driving experience!


>> Do Both! <<
Yes, but not on the same time.
Start with the filter.... enjoy it. You will be impressed.
After a while, you get the exhaust and enjoy again of the new sound of your sporty F.

I definitely agree with Erik there on the upgrade path. If you've never heard a K&N 57i on its own then you've seriously missed out! :o)

Ahhh - induction roar = bliss ;o)
Rob Bell

Yes, the K&N is fabulous, more power, lovely noise (97 F, VVC). By the way, does anyone know if the K&N works to improve the performance on a TF160, noting that on an F VVC the K&N nearly gets the engine to 160 bhp?

Karl Woodhead

Agree with Rob & Erik,

K&N first, test whether you like your car making a lot more noise (but only when you really boot it). Then a new exhaust, to make more noise all the time. I'm now working on enclosing my K&N into an airbox to wring another horse or two out of it and to reduce the noise a little (but not too much I hope).

Regarding the K&N in the TF160, it would make very little, if any, difference as the majority of the extra bhp over the F VVC is from improved breathing.
Phil Brindley - Leicester

If the TF airbox is already an improvement over the original why bother taking it out. Why no simply replace the MG panel filter with a free flowing K&N panel...

and then put the cash saved towards an new zorst.
Steve Ratledge

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