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MG MGF Technical - Exhaust question

I'm currently looking for a new exhaust and have plundered the archive for some helpful advice.
However, I have one question which someone may be able to help with.
My exhaust is put under some pretty heavy and unhelpful stress.
Risking the rath of the purists, I have to admit most journeys are generally very short, only a few miles a day.
These are punctuated every two or three months with long journeys - several hundred miles.
Has anyone come across an exhaust with a particularly heavy tolerance to such abuse.

Any Stainless Steel exhaust must be good for this - many have long guarantees.



My understanding is that the biggest abuse an exhaust takes is when it is actually idle eg when the car is parked up! The acids and deposits settle within the exhaust during this time. Thus, the real danger to an exhaust occurs when owners park their cars up for the winter and the corrosive action of these acids etc can kick in. Regarding Stainless Steel exhausts, many come with a lifetime guarantee. But, they are considerably more expensive!

Best of luck with the exhaust hunt.


John O'Gadhra

I'd like to change the exhaust of my F with an sport one.I don't know which type...someone can help me?

The Supersports (available from B&G), this is the one I have, a little more power and really nice sound when it has warmed up.

Mike Satur has an exhaust which has had some good reports and can be supplied with a variety of tailpipe finishers.

Some say that the Roger Tailor exhaust is the best. A much deeper notte than the Supersports.

Worth a try would be the new Phoenix exhaust looks interesting but it is too new and I have seen no reports. they claim impressive performance figures, but we have seen this before so I would not take the manufacturer at their word.

Several on this BBS did a test a while back for MG world, the results should be available at one of the BBSers web sites, can't remember who though.
Tony Smith

I have been using the Phoenix exhaust since Silverston and have really noticed the difference in performance and its sounds good too. Its also a good price for a SS exhaust.

Mark Brunt

Quick comment on price, John you said the stainless steel ones were more expensive. As i understand it the rover item which is or isn't stainless steel depending on what you read or where you look (either way its not good quality ss and hasn't got a garuntee) costs over 300. and 300 is the going rate for most if not all performance stainless steel exhausts i have seen for the F. Also until recently, it may still be true, i was under the impression that places like kwik fit would not be able to provide you with a cheap, almost like the standard exhaust system for an F, i may be wrong though.

So the only issue to consider IMO when buying a new exhaust is not weather to upgrade to stainless steel or stick with rover, it is just what your insurer will say about it.

The standard *F* exhaust is stainless steel - that is to say my car still has its original exhaust (4.5 years old) and it certainly is stainless steel and in good condition.

Ted Newman

I might just add - damn!

I have been looking for an excuse to fit a sports exhaust.

Ted Newman

Exhaust rolling road results will be posted on http://to.go/mgfgallery in the next update. The edition of MG World which contained the results can be back ordered. Presently there is a listing of many of the exhausts currently on the market.

IMO the Mike Satur Daytona is probably the best exhaust currently available. From the data I have, the Pheonix should match the MSD for performance.

I have the Trevor Taylor- love it to bits. Really anti-socially loud and deep. Kewl ;o) Tail pipe finishers are a bit pants though.

Warning for the Supersports for those who plan to keep their catalytic converter. It looks as though the SS puts alot of weight onto the catalyst mounts, pushing the cat below its intended position (and below the subframe bar that is welded there to protect it). Possibly not too much of a problem unless your car is lowered, in which case the cat is very prone to damage- ask Tom.

Obviously plenty of other exhausts to consider (I love the Jansen big bore exhaust- nice). None of them are bad. Buy the one you like the look and sound of :o)


(PS top three performing exhausts were: 1. Mike Satur Daytona, 2. Miltek Supersports and 3. Trevor Taylor Fxtreme)
Rob Bell


went into local MG dealer last week. Listened to a new 1.8i and the exhaust noise is much less prominent. Throttle response seemed sharper too so suspect my 4 year old box needs changing.

He said it's 404GBP if I need a new exhaust. Seems a bit steep!

Stainless stell exhausts seem cheaper and better value for money if they last longer, but I don't want to have to fork out extra on the insurance for a performance modification.

Can you get third party exhausts in either mild or stainless steel that are NOT classified as performance items.

Raj Jena
Raj Jena

Raj, you could always try your luck with hte insurance people by using the independant rolling road tests mentioned above that show that some if not most of the "performance" exhausts have only a very very small effect on performance. Don't know if anybody has tried this or had any luck. mind you i have no doubt that most insurance companies would have any problems increasing your insurance by 100 due to a 3hp increase, an dthey would claim it was fair aswell.

I have been with two insurance companies, neither of them were worried or increased the premium for the exhaust. Norwich Union weren't even worried about the K&N.

>Warning for the Supersports for those who plan to keep their catalytic converter. It looks as though the >SS puts alot of weight onto the catalyst mounts, pushing the cat below its intended position (and below >the subframe bar that is welded there to protect it). Possibly not too much of a problem unless your car >is lowered, in which case the cat is very prone to damage- ask Tom.

I have never ground the car in the UK but then again I have never driven stupid speeds along country roads and a boot full up with luguage and a few bottles of wine. The road in questions was in France and had a dip similar to Brands hatch at the botton of paddock corner and was doing 70+. The cat did survive as the car has been serviced since, it just lost the bottom edge.

Tom Randell


Well in it's previous incarnation the bracket snapped twice and was re-welded. Since fitting it on my car the weld is good and have had no problems (so far) after almost two years. The Cat appears to be in around the same place as with the MG Exhaust.

Mind you in it's previous incarnation the pipe to the cat got a little bent, so maybe this has solved the problem in my case :-).

I think one problem is that the SP box is much more shallow than most others and so exposes the cat to road damage if it is grounded. This damage would normally be taken by the silencer. Just a thought anyway, it is 3:30 in the morning here.

The main reason for getting a sports exhaust is Grin Factor, so pick the sound you like and go for it. If the insurance don't like it go somewhere else.
Tony Smith

don't forget the Remus exhausts, and some other German one I forgot the name of (Dieter had one like that, very impressive thing)

>>and some other German one I forgot the name of <<

That's the Jansen exhaust Dirk- and I agree, looks mighty fine! :o)

Rob Bell

>Dieter had one like that, very impressive thing

Yes. 'had' one. But will try another one as next. :))

A new (new for me) german tuner was found 2 weeks ago near Darmstadt and he sells a lot of parts which obviously are UK OEM, but he found any way to get them TUEV approved. It's told that the products are made in germany ;-)
Unbeleavable, but can you imagine a Miltec DTM look exhaust WITH EC papers ?

Got this second hand MGF quoted:
with this exhaust

But its 'only' a 97 VVC and also not the right BRG :)

BTW. Rob, this 80 or 90mm tailpipes can be purchased alone ar nearly each tuner-shop here. Guess on GBP 80 or what, why didn't you ask for them some weeks ago ? The surely can be added (welding) to the Trevor.

Dieter Koennecke

I'm sorry, but forgot the actual
Jansen look :((

...ate grass :(
Dieter Koennecke

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