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MG MGF Technical - Exhaust spotting

I saw a car the other day (in Lytham St. Annes as it happens) with a 4 tail pipe exhaust. It looked so good it re-ignited my enthusiasm for a replacement, but the question is what was it?

I assumed that it was a Mike Satur Daytona, but the outer pipes (all were circular) were set back from the inner ones by an inch or so giving a rather more interesting finish that that depicted for the Daytona on Mike's web site.

Anyone recognise it?

Peter Ambrose

Sounds, from your description Peter, like either a Miltek quad pipe system, or a Mongoose (IIRC)
Rob Bell

May very well be the Magnex exhaust.... I'll try to find a link
tim woolcott

Here's one link albeit a rather small pic:
tim woolcott

The Magnex site... I'm sure there is a pic there somewhere..
tim woolcott

Many thanks Tim. I think it was indeed the Magnex. Well that adds an extra variable to the selection - although it is a shame that this one appears to include a Cat as it is not many weeks since I put a new one on.

Peter Ambrose


the exhaust can be bought without the CAT
tim woolcott

I have this exhaust & I love it. You get a nice wee purr off it.
BUT, since fitting the K&N you get a nicer, deeper purr off it!

I paid 275 inc VAT & fitting at a place in Glasgow.

The only thing which MAY annoy you is if you do a lot of m'way driving. The noise from the exhaust can become a bit monotonous. (Spelling!!!!)
G.C. changed back to the original exhaust because of this.

But I love it & people have commented on how nice & throaty it sounds.

The link to the Magnex site provided by Tim is the one & only exhaust (cat back system) that they do for the 'F.
Technically it does not fit the F after the 2000 model, but with a small bit of adjustment it fits perfectly.

And you can play with the finisher to get it to protrude more, or sit back if thats what you like.


Hope this helps,
Stu (with a BIG grin)

Do I correctly deduce from your Scottish understatement that it is not unduly loud - but just pleasingly so? It is very hard to calibrate this, but my only real yardstick is the throaty roar of a TVR as it goes past on the motorway.

Was your 275 without the CAT? The website is confusing at best.

Peter Ambrose

Peter, as you say it is very hard to determine 'my' loud from 'your' loud!

But I'll go for the "pleasingly" throaty option.
(We're not talkin 'Boy-racer' here).

When idling, it has a nice subtle purr, when driving it is noticable & normal conversation is not affected.

All in all, it is NOT loud, just throaty!!
Although not as much as a TVR.

The price I paid was for the 'Cat-back', which is WITHOUT the cat.

My dad, who is 54yrs old thinks its a nice sound & hasnt complained about the sound. When I've allowed him to be a passenger!

Again, hope this helps!

PS do you have a K&N fitted? If not, there is hardly any difference at all from the standard sound.

I echo Stu s comments. I bought G.C.s exhaust and iam delighted with it. In terms of sound it is just right for me, not quiet but not boy-racer loud. The Best description is "throaty" like Stu says. When i first fitted it, it seemed a lot louder but is now perfect, i drove back from Blackpool over easter via motorways without discomfort.

275 quid ??
Ohhhhyy, their DE distributor *rips off* huge 639 !!!
Pound conversion like in the good old 60th ;)
Dieter K.

The Milltek systems are very easy to live with - so long as you don't remove the cat! ;o) LOL

See for some wild quad systems for the TF... Looks very much like Mike's latest designs - but the central exit system is really wild! Wow.

Systems are also available for the MGF, and answer to the original description - ie, outer tail pipes are slightly inset compared to the inner pipes...
Rob Bell

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