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MG MGF Technical - exhaust system

I am looking to upgrade my entire exhaust system for my MGF 1.8i. Its a manual transmission. I understand that we cant just change to any exhaust system, as it all needs to be calculated to increase the performance of the car. Could anyone with the experience of using an exhaust system please recommend me one that can increase the performance of my car? maybe one that sounds nice too. I would be working on a few things on my car, just got it not too long ago and will update you guys if i do come across anything that increase the performance of our car. Just brought it into the Sepang formula1 circuit(Malaysia) last sunday, fantastic experience!
HT Lee <--- The use the drop down menu at the top.

I think the Daytona came out on top when the tests were done (but that was a few years ago). When I changed to a Daytona on my F, I really noticed the difference. However I don't think you can rely on getting an aftermarket exhaust to increase performance *that* much, it's just a bit of fun really. :-)

Emma Jackman (& Green with Envy ~ S369 FAR)
Emma Jackman

The Daytona gives the widest torque spread however you won't find any advantage just changing the back box. Exhaust tuning works on the utilisation of a standing wave that assists with gas scavenging. Hence you need to change the exhaust manifold too (and on an F a de cat helps though not on a TF).

IMO the best after market exhaust manifold is the Piper 4-2-1 althogh mine is a bespoke one since I wanted different primary and secondary pipe lengths to suit what I am doing with tuning my engine.
Deborah Evans

Hi HT,

Sepang eh? I understand why you now want to get a little more out of your MGF! Emma's right, a better exhaust sadly won't bring your lap times down to F1 levels, but it'll certainly help you enjoy the car even more!

As Deborah says, upgrading the standard manifold & downpipe gives a useful increase in both torque and power, especially when matched to a good silencer system, and the Daytona is certainly one of the best performers in comparative tests.

Depending on how long you plan to keep the car, you may want to consider getting a re-packable system in stainless steel. This gives you the ability to customise it slightly to your requirements, and in the long term you'll have the option of replacing the internal wadding as it wears out, rather than having to buy (and import) a complete new exhaust system.

Bear in mind that to get the full benefit of a better exhaust, some improvement to the induction is a good idea - Emma will be able to tell you how good the K&N kit is ;o) In terms of bhp per Ringgit, that's probably the best value upgrade
Mike Hankin

This article (and others on the same website) gives you some indication of how much performance you can expect from a "sports" exhaust!

P Daykin

thats bull sh-t, get a rear ss box.

if you uprate engine the power put a straight pipe on & take the cat off.

r.f.j. griffiths

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the information. I am going to probably change my throttle body 1st, then putting in an ECU chip, which i hope to get at least 50 BHP then i will see how the car respond.
I am going to take the advice of getting the exhaust system customized using a 4 - 2 - 1 extractor and remove the C.Converter and stainless steel box.
Wish me luck, will tell u guys how it perform. Next problem would definitely be the thermostat. Any ideas on how i can do this?
HT Lee

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