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MG MGF Technical - Exhausted

Hi all, and all the very best for the new year.I have a 99 vvc f and it appears the exhaust muffler system is stainless steel. Did this car have it as standard factory fit ? The car is ex Japan. Thanks.
rb wadwsorth

The rear section, yes!
T Jenner

Look at the tail pipe finishers - these will tell you whether you have a standard exhaust or not. Picture off this site:

Anything else is very likely to be after-market. Or perhaps lifted from a later car (TF for example)
Rob Bell

Mark I (up 'til the end of 1999) MGFs had stainless steel exhausts fitted as standard. The Mark II MGF and mgtf had mild steel exhausts fitted as standard. If it has one lambda sensor then it will be stainless steel and if it has two then it will be mild steel. Mind you Jap cars had a cat overheat sensor fitted so don't mistake that for a lambda one. As Rob says if it's an aftermarket one it will probably be stainless.
David Clelland

thanks to all. keep us in mind if your ever coming down this way. Bob and Lois
rb wadwsorth

Bobs car is ex Japan - and very nice it is too! But can not remember if the exhaust is/was standard.

Hi Bob & Lois - keep thinking it is time for a re-visit to NZ.

Ted & Karin
Ted Newman

Hi Ted, great to hear from you, yes the tailpipes are standard, forgot to ask tho is the muffler stainless steel as well ? Would be great to see you both again, can do better this time,as lots of new things have been added to the Rotorua scene Still the same government tho, but that will be dealt to in november. Cheers
rb wadwsorth

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