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Advise please.

I've got a lose baffle in my rear box that is really beginning to annoy me. I've just had a quote from my friendly MG dealership of 400+ for a new box. I have to admit I was a little surprised - but hey, that's what owning a car is all about.

Faced with this bill I had a surf about and noticed that there are a number of alternative systems about for a similar price hence this request.

Anyone out there got any views on replacement systems good & bad. I don't want the MG to sound like a 17 year olds Escort but a deep note would be fine.



There is plenty of comment on the stainless steel systems from many archived threads.

I would add that I am pretty certain that either T.I. or Walkers have a replacement system listed in the 1999 application catalogues. Visit an exhaust centre or motor factor.

Roger Parker

Hi Paul,

Those standard boxes are staggering expensive aren't they? If you can, get a hold of the last issue of MG World where we tested a selection of aftermarket exhausts and the standard item.

If your priority is relative silence and an excellent finish, then the MG Owners' club Double S exhaust is very good. The performance as regard to power and torque is identical to the standard exhaust. It is made of stainless steel and costs over 75 quid less than the standard item.

One of the cheapest exhausts you can buy is the Janspeed Mild steel system (225 quid). It has a wonderfully sonorous exhaust note that isn't too intrusive at all. Performance wise, again no better than a standard exhaust.

The winner of the comparison was Mike Satur's exhaust (the Daytona). This can be built to your requirements (loud versus quid, quad pipe finishers versus dual finishers). Mike is running a special deal on these exhausts at the moment- and so are very good value for money for a well built stainless steel exhaust that also gives an (admittedly small) advantage in both power and torque.

There is a listing of exhaust systems on my web page, and from where you can buy them-

No power curves... yet, but will be working on that later.



Rob Bell

Rob, i've read your report - v good.

i like paul don't want to go over the top with the noise. a pleasent throatiness i can cope with but not much more. i reckon you are a good bloke to ask though as you have actually heard them all.

The GT exhaust which i think looks fantastic (i think you slated it for tricky fitting, which is fine cos i wouldn't fit it myself) but what does it sound like. I know thats a tricky question to ask, but could you do your best, cheers


Cheers Matt!

If you have heard the Miltek (nee SP) Supersports exhaust, then you will have a good idea what the Gran Tourismo sounds like. The major difference is in volume, which makes the GT sound a little quieter and hence more refined. Perfect!

I have to agree with you- I love the looks too! The only dubious bit is the fact that the rear bumper apperatures have little indents in them below the original exhaust outlets. Nothing that couldn't be sorted out with a little originality.

The exhaust is actually reasonably straight forward to fit, but fouls the heat shield, which needs to be modified to get the thing to fit. Again, not a tricky thing to do, but it'll cost you more in terms of labour to have the work done.


Rob Bell

can anybody confirm if the exhaust on swain & jones car is the miltek supersports, cos i've heard that and a quite version of that would be perfect, your right rob.

How obviouse are the indents when theres no exhaust there

Matt, yes it is the same- S&J retails primarily B&G products. Therefore their Moggy demonstrator is fitted with a Miltek exhaust.

They should be able to locate the GT for you too.

Rob Bell

The exhaust on Moggie (Swain & Jones demo car) is a SP/Miltek exhaust but for some unknown reason is extremely noisy compared to others. I have a Miltek and it is great and when at a constant revs ie steady speed you can only just hear it but with moggie you can easily hear it.

I have driven it quite a few times and it is one quick MGF that also handles extremely well.

Tom Randell

Cheers for confirmation,

Moggy might handle well but its a bloody hard ride

Cheers guys, seems Matt and I are after the same sort of thing.

Some really helpful info Rob and a super web site - air filter is on the way as a result.

I'm rather tempted by Mike Satur's systems as you say the Daytona has been well received. I have to admit I think it looks nice but am concerned it's making the MG try to be something it's not! Do you know anyone who's fitted the 'Sprint' system as this looks good.

You say that Mike will make the boxes to your request - from your experience how successfull has this proved to be? (we may not have the same opinion of a loud roar).

You'll be turning into a agony uncle soon but to assistance is much appreciated.



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