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MG MGF Technical - Exhausts - Which one and fitting

Ok, before I get shot down in flames, I've trawled the archive and have probably read all the info there and on the various other websites mentioned. Couldn't see a Motor Build on the exhaust tests.


Most of the info was 98/99. What is the up to date situation? MS systems look great, but Moto Build also look good etc etc.

I want something that will compliment the K&N and not deafen on the motorway at 80-90mph. Also where have people had them fitted, bearing in mind MS is a hell of a long round trip just to fit an exhaust system.

Feedback greatly appreciated.


V679 SVV
D R Johnston

We didn't test the motobuild exhaust - as at the time they were changing suppliers and weren't in a position to supply a back box.

Not sure who their current supplier is? Mongoose?

There are a few omissions from our test - sadly because a number of these companies build to order - and only once there are sufficient orders...

Of the systems we tested, Mike's was the best. Mike will mail order, and you can either fit the exhaust yourself, or get your local exhaust centre to fit it for you if you bung 'em a tenner. Might be worth doing the latter, as getting the original exhaust studs off is not the work of a moment. We had to use an oxy acetylene torch to get my exhaust nuts off... 8oO

More info:
Rob Bell


Cheers for that, I had a look at your wesite info before and agree that Mikes does some to be the best, but I asked a couple of the exhaust fitters around in the North Hampshire area and was politely told "Oh no sir we only fit our own products".

Anyone know anyone in Newbury/Winchester/Andover/Newbury areas who'll do it for me. I've tried Micheldever and Merityre any others?

D R Johnston

The infamous 'rusty nuts' syndrome...

Depending on how old the car is, some people have had success with the following methods...

1. Soak nuts in WD40. ie repeated sprays, over a long period of time (overnight if possible). This will loosen where possible and may help.

2. Nut cracker for the lower ones. Upper nuts are tricky to get to with a cracker.

3. Hacksaw off cat stud ends (including rusty nuts), at the flexi-pipe end. Remove the cat and the back box as one. This gives excellent access to the other end of the cat. Drill out stud bases to create holes and re-fit using stainless steel nuts and bolts. Alternatives include. May want to consider replacing the cat on an F 4 years+ old as they tend to start wearing out at around the 5 year mark. Short term fix is a cat bypass, but will need a cat for the MOT. Once old rusty nuts are out, new stainless steel ones (or better still, Mike Satur's KatKit / Cat saver nuts), re-fitting the cat for the MOT is a doddle.

4. Get your friendly welder to oxy-aceteline the old nuts off.

Good luck.

SF <--- MS Daytona, Cat bypass, MS KatKit, MS Stainless Steel Flexi-pipe.
Scarlet Fever

D R Johnston,

It would be a good idea to get yourself along to Silverstone on erm... 20/21 July - should be plenty of exhausts available (i.e. choice) and you're likely to get a reasonable discount. ;-)
Paul Lathwell

Good idea Paul, Andy could do a free fitting;-)

My local exhaust guy charged me an hour's labout (30) to remove the (rusty) nuts and fit the exhaust. Oxyaceteline was his weapon of choice and they then came undone relatively easily - considering they'd been on since '97!

Didn't attempt the cat/downpipe nuts as there was no need...

Existing gaskits were reused (anyone interested in a spare pair of new, unused gaskits :-) )


My Janspeed mild steel is falling apart and I too am looking around for a new exhaust. Unfortunately I really like the circular straight cut tail pipes on the JS as well as the low rumble so I may just stick the SS version on instead. I'd be interested to know what the other exhaust designs MS is coming up with as mentioned on his website.

Gaz R


While your at it, could I get a "free" fitting on my interior trim if we met up at Silverstone *LOL*.

Has anyone tried a PowerFlow exhaust?

Apparently you can virtually design what you want. You can choose your own tailpipe design (single, double, quad, 2", 4", 5", oval, round etc..) and you can also choose what it will sound like!

Sounds like you get the best of both worlds?

Price is dependant on what you choose!

Had a powerflow back box on the MX-6 I had before the F - mainly because none of the main suppliers make performance exhausts for the MX-6.

It was certainly well made, and sounded good without being too loud. Only problem was a resonance at about 60mph which could be a bit of a pain in the ass.

Problem is that they build them for you on the spot as one-offs, so there's no system development to get rid of resonances. Presumably exhausts specifically designed for the F such as the MS Daytona are tested to eliminate this.

Has anyone tried the Pheonix exhaust system in combination with the K&Ni kit? Is any remmapping required ?
frank whitehead


Excuse my ignorance but what do you mean by resonances?


By resonance, I meant that I got a boom through the car at certain RPM. Not that loud, but enough to be irritating.

Hope that helps.

Chris 2

Is this a convention of Chris'?

>Has anyone tried the Pheonix exhaust system in combination with the K&Ni kit?

Yup, used to have this set-up on my VVC. A great combination though TBH if I had to choose I'd say I preferred the sound of the car with the standard air-filter and Phoenix fitted. Nothing wrong with having both, just that I found the K&N tended to drowned out the sweet note of the exhaust. If I were to do it again I think I'd go for the ITG air-filter and Phoenix - better gains plus the ITG seems to be somewhat more refined with regards to noise levels.

I guess it relaly depends on what you want from the set-up max power and lots of noise or nice sound with added gains. TBH, I did not notice any significant drop in performance when the K&N was replaced with the standard filter assembly.

> Is any remmapping required?

I believe the engine management takes care of this, ie. you only need to fit the exhaust and/or filter and away you go.

Bottom line is the K&N and Phoenix are both worth having either alone or as a pair. HTH. ;-)

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Paul Lathwell

>> Is any remmapping required? <<

The standard fit MEMS cannot be re-mapped unfortunately. However, as Paul says, MEMS is highly adaptive, and can easily cope with the addition of a filter and exhaust system.

Problems only start to occur when the head is ported and more radical cams fitted - and then you are in the territory of a new engine management system that can handle both fuel and ignition requirements... but that's another story... ;o)
Rob Bell

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