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MG MGF Technical - Exterior temperature LED

Seen on

>Zero exterior temperature
>A great aid in cold weather conditions, this
>product is designed to monitor slight external
>temperature changes not apparent inside your
>car. Information is displayed on red and green
>LED's mounted on fascia.

Does anybody has this system fitted or anything like this ? Is it efficient ? Is it part of the original equipment or can this be retro fitted ? Mr LED may you help :-)

Jérôme (waiting for Spring ...)
121 CCK 92

LED Glatteiswarner VUB100230 124 DM 63 EURO signals outside temperatures of +5°c. +3°c. 0°C
Is OE.
You'll get for that price more useful digital temperature indicators for fixture at the left side of the instrument board.
IMO. They indicate both, internal and external temperature. Some germans built several different in.
I got myself only a cheap one, attached with double sided sticky.

OE Parts list, now with improved translation tool :)

I'd second that.

I used to drive up in the highlands of Scotland at Winter (not yet in MGF) and bought a "car accessory digital temperature reader" that is battery and/or cigarette ligher powered.

I looks a bit ungainly, but hey it's lifesaver of a tool, especially at night. In Scotland the outside temparature can drop from +2deg to -1 in 600 yards. They also have an "alarm" that buzzes at 0deg.

There are few times when you really need this kind of instrument. But when you do use the best type. They even cost less than Rover's option.

Get the heated windscreen washers instead! (I haven't used Rover's... so I can't comment how good they are)

just while ready Francis message I get another idea.

I do not know wether this is availiable everywhere. In any electronics catalogue (car accesories) I found some weeks ago a kind of interface for RDS radios.

It is switched between the areal and the radios areal input. This electronic produces a signal of the attached temperature sensors and puts the result on the radios screen. Indicated as 'running figures' on the radios display.

Hope someone understands this humble multilingual description :)
I haven't tried it. It costs app. 30 GBP.
Is such a part availiable in the UL too ?

BTW. I did the same as Francis. and some friends here purchased small thermometers which can be 'inserted' to the dash (

What magazine did you spot this?


it is a catalogue of a german electronic supplier. Like ''
I remember on having seen it too at any german aftermarket car part supplier (A.T.U.)
Is that really interesting ?
If yes I'll see to find any picture, but its only a blackbox with a wire and plug for the areal input and output. No idea, but the temperature sensors may be connected too anywhere.
I beleave the output will be send interrupted from time to time on the RDS Indicator, how else should that work.

<g> I'm nearly sure that its not produced in germany.


found it :

the look of any RDS Radio

Bestellnummer 850276-62
1 Stueck : DM 99,-
Euro 50,62

Sorry, no more information recently.[USER_ID]=0402068830947595911&TK_EV[SHOWPAGE]=&TK_PAR[PAGEID]=41220&TK_PAR[MEDIUM]=62


Hi Dieter,

Are you the one we call Mr Dictionnary ? ;-)

Encyclopaedia Universalis !

>Mr Dictionary the Internet and its databases.

The rest is wide technical skills, teamwork and sometimes thinking 'bended' (quer) and
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V

and FUN !!

BTW. thinking bended means:
If you try to find ss about atomic powerplants then search for websides of any green party. They have the most informations and weblinks on that term. :)

the data freak

if still of interest.
I got infos of the function of that RDS 'interface'.
Our friend Wolfgang has seen it anywhere.

It works like a transmitter and one needs to select its frequency with one of the preselection keys.
So only a 'OR'-function, radio or temperatur.
I think (do not know more) usage of the 19khz traffic message signal could be possible for 'Ice-alarm' but we do not know it. Conrad has several stores here. I#ll have look when I get there next.

If not with alarmfunction then its not useful IMO.


OK, last info on that indicator

Karsten from Austria just purchased it there.

The transmitter 'sends' at app 108MHz.
The cables etc are included.
two temperature sensors with PTCs

And it has an alarmfunktion for ice conditions !!

A simple LED :) (Hi Richard)

which can be assembled anywhere in the dash.

So, nod bad but useful IMO in that condition. I go for it. Lets see what else can be done with that LED-Alarmfunction.


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