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MG MGF Technical - F A O Rob Tim or Will

Rob, Tim ,Will
sorry to bother you again I bought the coolant unipart superplus 3 it is an orange colour where as the coolant in my car is green. will it make any difference topping up the green with the orange coolant.
Incidently I checked the cap again and it does have a white spot the brass insert was recessed and central.
Thanks for your help
S C Holmes

Just use water, I thought the orange stuff was OAT (and is not compatibale with the green stuff).
Will Munns

O A T ?
S C Holmes

Organic A T (i think) longer life coolant (5 years rather than 2)
Will Munns

ah....... its summer coolant 3 year protection and methanol free and protects from -30c to 130c
I will just top it up with some water as you say its seems at lot less hassle any one want to buy a litre of co;oolant unused and orange in
S C Holmes

Steve, you've bought the correct stuff.

Noticed that the stuff I bought was orange too - it *should* be green. I haven't tried to dilute it yet.

Try diluting a small amount 50/50 - the concentrate may be orange, but I suspect that it should dilute to the correct colour.

If it doesn't then it has age-expired. :o( Return it to the supplier...

Superplus three is not the same stuff (OAT) that Will is talking about...
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob
Its just having read all the posts regarding HGF and coolant I just want to be careful.

S C Holmes

Where is the water coming from ?
As Carl says in the other thread, you need pure water - which you can buy. I use water from my household dehumidifier.

I was just going to boil the kettle
S C Holmes

That should be fine Steve. Soft water is better than hard, as 'limescale' deposits in some of the narrower water ways can have some rather unfortunate and predictable results :o(
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 27/06/2003

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