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MG MGF Technical - F aprox date of manaf.

I'm about to embark on an MG midget K Series transplant
& an idear of manf. date would assist in eng. selection
The Vin & Eng. No's from the doner MGF VVC in mind are
SARRDWBTCAD 005882 & 18K4KJ90 264478
Trust this is enough to work with.
Thanks in anticipation
Cheers Jim R
j.r. robertson

Hi Jim,
check out Dieter's web site at and search for VIN in the contents.

AD005882 is MGF number 5631, so this would probably put the date at around February/March 1996.
Neil Courtney

Just to confirm, Scarlet's VIN is 4240, she was registered on Feb 24th 1996 (manufactured probably around Jan '96 time).

You say this is a VVC unit? If so it must be one of the VERY first ones - VVC didn't come out until June/July 1996 and as i said, Scarlet is a Feb '96 and yet only 1642 cars were built in the interim period. Seems a little odd to me given that they were at full capacity in the factory and there was up to a 4 month waiting list by mid 1996.

Scarlet Fever

Thanks for the input
What may have some bearing is that the vehicle is a spare part import to AUS i.e. it's cut in half before leaving Japan. Japan dosn't seem to require build date tags
cheers jim r
j.r. robertson


made middle of March 96.
Japanese spec cars where almost 2 month _on ship_. So first registration could'nt have happpened before mid of May 96.

The VVC mystery *g*, ... they made several early but sold them late, starting in about November/December 95. The first from 002xxx onwards where almost for export.

Dieter <-- VIN survey, missing TF's for latest statistics !!!
Dieter K.

Neil, Scarlet F, Neil & others
Thanks for the input, much appricated
It turned out the particular importer has x3 F's & is now unsure which front belongs to which rear !!!!
engines removed & they are all "Green".
Best regards
Jim R
j.r. robertson

Could you please tell me the age of my k-series engine.The engine number is 18k4fm16326994.It was fitted into my London cab in June 2002 it runs on lpg as well as petrol,it has covered 45000 miles with no problems.

Many thanks in advance.


Simon - not sure you will get your answers on here - The K series engine is fitted to numerous other cars besides MGFs (mgtf, Rover 25, MGZR, Streetwise, Rover 45, MGZS, Rover 75, MGZT, Lotus Elise, Caterham, Freelander to name a few).

We have access to (incomplete) data on MGFs and some TFs, but not these other vehicles so i can't see us being able to help much.

Good luck anyway.

Scarlet Fever

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