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MG MGF Technical - F doesn't start

I need help. My MGF does not want to start.
It has come to me from Germany today and there is something wrong with the alarm. I have only owner manual in German so it's bit hard to understand.
The car can be lock and unlock with key. The key fob sender works from time to time. I think I can disable the alarm and the red light start to flash. I put the key into ignition and I have either the noise signal or nothing and the car doesn't start.
I tried to go with emergency code procedure with door lock but it also didn't work. Maybe I did something wrong ie. turn key too far to one side. I would appreciate if you could give me detailed procedure what to do and make the F start.
Tommorow is going to be good wheather here so please help.

I think the procedure you do is right.

Disable immobiliser with key in ignition lock. (push button on alarm blipper until the noise disappears)
Turn key... (should power the starter motor and start the engine)

From memory, so may be not 100% precise
The sequence of MGF engine start and what happens:
- Turn key to start position.
- Main Relais in makes silent *click* noise in the engine bay.
- fuel pump will come off for a couple of seconds with silent noise (not always, depends on the number of start attempts)
- Starter motor solenoid kicks in with loud *click* noise.
- Starter turns ... wrooomm.

OK, yours doesn't.

1. Immidiately check the battery load and battery ground wire.
(Bolt off from the chassis, clean and grease, or replace if corroded)
2. The next is the starter motor connections, but only if you hear the click noise from the solenoid.
(Bolt off, clean and grease if corroded)
3. Another option could be a sticky starter motor solenoid.
Give it a kick from top through the engine bay with an umbrella or similar.
4. At last, check the alternator connections for loose bolts or corrosion.

I would bet the starter battery is to less load.

Similar might be with the alarm blipper battery. It's a standard CR2032 battery and easy to replace.

Tell us more about details and what happens if this doesn't work.

PS. you have mail with the address of another MGF owner from Poland. May be Marius can help.
Dieter K.

First of all, welcome to the board.

If you disable the alarm the red LED should go OUT. Maybe you are too close to a heavy duty transmitter (radar or something).

You could try to push the button close to the arial, in the footwell. Have you tried a new battery.

On the emergency code there is a lot of info in the archives. Register to be able to see the archive, it's free and there's LOADS of info.

Johan Slagter

>I put the key into ignition and I have either the noise signal or nothing and the car doesn't start.>
Once you have put the key into the ignition you have to press the blipper button again before turning the key to start the car.
john Brown


First of all get out of the car and close all the doors.

Lock the car using only the "lock" on the remote key fob. Only press this button once.

The car yellow lights should flash and then the car will lock. Does this work OK?

If so,
Then press the "unlock" button on the remote key fob once. You should see the car yellow lights flash and car lock button will pop up.

Put the key in ignition and see if there is a red light in middle of dash. If there is, then press the "unlock" button on the remote key fob again and red light should go out. Does it go out???

If so,
then turn the key and car should start up.

Also check if there is a second alarm system in car.
I have two in mine and it needs a 2 digit code as well just to start it.



Thank you guys.
Following your advises I had checked the alarm and it was OK, then I checked the starter motor. I hammered it a little and the car started.
It's great to be a part of so friendly community , it's the best part of MG ownership. I used to have 70 mgb roadster , which I travelled 10 K km througout the Europe. B has never failed me. I hope new F will be more polite now. ;)



Glad you solved it one way or another.

If you register you will be able to have access to all of the archives which contain a wealth of info at your finger tips.


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