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MG MGF Technical - F driving position

I've long struggled with the high driving position in my F. Not only is it uncomfortable its also dangerous if youre tall and must make you drive slower as you feel like youre perched on top of the car rather than in it. A race seat would be an obvious solution but to get it to fit well you need to remove the box section from beneath the seat and that reduces strength in the shell. Alternatively you can weld a driving seat in position but I dont fancy trusting myself to someone elses DIY welding! I had tried the B&G / Rimmer etc lowering springs and these helped a little bit. Andy Kitson also fabricated some replacement brackets for the seat which reduced the height by a further 2 cm. Again it made things better but still not perfect.Ive now fitted a seatbelt "lok" that holds you in your seat tightly and this has helped to. The combination of the springs, lowering brackets and lok have lowered me about 3 to 4 cm. Doesnt sound much but feels a lot better. I think the results would be better still if combined with a later F or TF seat as I think these were lower anyway. If anyone is interested Andy was thinking of fabricating some more of the brackets for a reasonable price (cú100?)and I can find the name and website for the lok company (cú50). The springs can be obtained from B&G for a few quid.
marc h

Details of the CG Lock system are on the MGoT website at

Scroll down and click on the CG Lock logo for their site or the More details here textlink for some comment.

I use one all the time - not just on track - and it does help.
Dave Livingstone

Just as a matter of interest what do you call 'tall' - I know by 21st century standards I am not exceptional at 6 feet 1 inch but I have absolutely no problems with the seating position in my *F* - so OK it has probably settled a little over the eleven years.
Ted Newman

Im 6ft - I think compared to other cars the driving position is high. I have a BMW and a ZT and I sit lower in both cars which is silly given they are saloons and the F is supposed to be a sports car.

CG Lok - thats the thing. Its great.
marc h

I,m 6 feet 1 also . I,ve always put the seat (in any car/van) slightly forward than other people of my height do and have the seat tilted far back,like lying down when driving!!
It suits my driving and makes you feel lower down.
I must admit that if i prefered a face up to the window postion i would feel to high up in the f but that has gone for most vechiles i,ve owned.
m e johnson

It may sound strange but it isn't your overall height that causes the problem. It is due to the length of your body. I'm 5ft 11 and always felt I was sitting on the car - I've got short legs and a long body. I have had the seat frame alteration by Andy Kitson and this has made a positive difference for me. An alternative would be to have a couple of vertebrae but I would suggest that is a little extreme.

DJ Grant

Any more info on the Andy Kitson conversion,link or pictures? Searched the net to no avail.
Would come handy for me as well as the feeling despite all work done to seat etc. gives a "ride on" instead of "ride in" feeling!
Carl Blom


Web address for Vehicle Handling Solutions -

Hope that helps

DJ Grant

I am seriously thinking about the VHS seat lowering kit - but at the end of the day, I actually also want a more supportive seat...

Perhaps I need to drop Andy a call and see what he thinks?
Rob Bell


I think that's worth it but only on the drivers side. I'm also thinking about putting in the springs to take it a little further down.

DJ Grant

Rob, I didnt feel that the seat was any more uncomfortable or unsupportive after I put in the new springs and Andy's revised brackets. But I do think the standard mk1 F seats are uncomfortable anyway (although the 1.8 seat is better than the half leather VVC seat). I think the mk2 and TF seats are much better. Anyway, the thing that makes the real difference and allows you to benefit most from the springs and brackets is the CG lok that pushes you down into the seat. Theyre cheap (especially with the MGOT discount - see link above) and well worth it.

marc h

I had to drive a customer's early F a couple of days ago and found the driving position very uncomfortable. My knees were knocking against the steering wheel every time I changed gear (I now remember these 'delights' from when I had my '97 F). The driving position in the later Fs and TFs is much better, as the steering wheel is adjustable.

BTW I'm only 5'9".

Ralph Gadsby

I have a 96 F but have fitted the later 2000 model year seats (although I still have the non adjustable column) the seats have given a noticable increase in clearance between legs and steering wheel, so I thinks Ralphs comment is down to the seats not the column adjustment.

Please remember that the seat I fitted to your car was modified as discussed to lower the driver by 20mm. The lowering springs that you had already tried are NOT currently on your seat! They are with me (fitted to your original exchange seat frame).
The lowering springs can be fitted to my lowered seat frame if required, but may cause some sag/folding of the seat cover material.
I am not aware of any change to the seat height through the life of both MGF and TF. However, it is clear that cloth vs half leather vs full leather seats do actually feel different, due to the stretch characteristics of the materials. The foams are all the same. It is also clear that some seats sag more than others due to mileage (and presumably weight!).
A Kitson

Definitely interested in any kit that allows fitment of aftermarket seats on adjustable runners Andy - do keep me informed! :o)
Rob Bell

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