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MG MGF Technical - F Fog Lights a consumer survey


Just wondered if anyone has any comments regarding the fog lights available on the F.....

I'm thinking of having a pair fitted for the winter on the M4 and general brighter looks....

the MG pair are quite pricy although I guess that includes fitting and the electical gubbins....

Are there better ones on the market? I've seen the RING "projector" stlye fitted to a few of our fellow BBS'ers cars and I'm undecided...

Robin - Harrow

Hi Robin

Before you decide on what lamps to fit, consider whether you want fog lamps or driving lamps.

I have the Rover/MG fog lamps fitted on my car, and am pleased with their performance and appearence, although their ability to scythe light through dense fog is debatable.
They are not very good for the purpose as a driving light- but that's not surprising given their design and mounting position.

There are other fog lamps available- the lamps fitted to the Krafthaus front bumper is one that springs to mind, and has an attractive fitment too.

I think that you'll have to ask others regarding supplimentary driving lights, I have no experience with these on an MGF.



We are currently developing a gas discharge (sounds awfull!) otherwise known as a Xenon lamps, these are VERY powerful lamps ,we found the standard Rover accessory was fine for other road users ie they made you more visable but didn't give that much light penetration, gas discharge/xenon lamps are far superior the down side is they are VERY expensive ,in my opinion lights are like brakes ,you should always have the best!Will keep you posted on final prices etc. Mike.

I had my foglights installed from day one back in July 1996.

>>safety on the M4 and general brighter looks....

Increased safety: indirectly yes, regardless the atmospheric circumstances (day, night, rain, snow, hail, etc.), people really notice you quicker in the rear view mirror as you are approaching; they have the impression that "something low and fast is approaching", and move over. You are not allowed to switch them on, except when required by the weather circumstances. Even though it is effective, although illegal, to have the (lights &) foglights switched on when you're hastened and driving at high speed on the high way (paradox: it contributes more to your safety, the speedier you drive...)

- as regards eye appeal: IMHO they look nice on the MGF bumper;
- as regards visibility of the MGF driver: don't expect too much of it; almost no difference with or without;
- as regards design: unbelieveable that despite the price the design-structure to fit it on the inner side of the bumper is of tht cheap and thin quality-plastic, that it rather easily breaks (the foglights plastic fitment structure of both Dirk's & my MGF had a crack on exactly the same plastic part of the foglights; seems like a rather weak construction (we both were required to mend the plastic pieces in a complicated DIY way with plastic pieces to avoid a complete new set of - expensive - Rover MGF foglights !).


A few months ago I saw an MGF on the web with no standard fog lights fitted. The person had bought smaller 'projector-style' units and had placed them behind the grill. Looked nice and they were maybe more effective. So browse the net and you will find the car in question somewhere on a homepage.

Erik (also looking for an improvement, but the driving lamps have a terrible look IMO)

I had my lights fitted before taking delivery, and must confess that I like the look of them on the car. Whilst it would seem to remain the domain of Vauhall Vectra drivers to use front fog lights during daylight hours in normal weather conditions, I find the main use for mine to provide increased illumination whilst driving at night on unlit roads, where it becomes a pain in the **** to keep switching between main and dipped beam. Idon't have a problem with using front fog lights to get 'noticed', but I am aware that for some reason it does tend to wind up other drivers. Live and let live, I think, there's too many people who take offence at others' exhibitionism.

Mark Daniel

P6JMD (Platinum VVC with furry dice and go faster stripes)

I like the look of the front fog lights but I think the price is
way over the top. I did consider them when I ordered my F but
thought again when I saw the price.

As for using the front fogs as normal driving lights I can't say
I blame anyone who does, I think the headlights alone are very
poor. The standard headlights are little better than candles IMO.
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Paul Lathwell

Firstly, just to scare you, I have been told by a traffic policeman, that there is a spot fine of up to 1000.00 UKP for having your fog lamps (front or rear) on when there is no need!!!!

Of course, this is the maximum penalty, but you should be aware that it is classed as an offence & you can get fined for it.

Secondly, i have been toying with the idea of extra illumination for some time now. Andy Marshalls micro projector lamps look really cool after dark. It gives the F "teeth" if you know what i mean - great for getting people out of his way!

The standard Rover items (IMO) look a little odd when they are off. After dark though they really give the car road presence.

I would be worried about air flow to the radiator if you fitted the Cheetah lamps to a standard front bumper. The Cheetah has a larger air intake in the front.

If you want people to get out of your way in the day time, i would suggest lowering your car to make it look more purposefull & then painting your headlamp reflectors so that it looks like you have twin headlamps. It's a subtle difference, but people soon move over when pull up behind them. I had some blue side light bulbs a while ago - if you knock the lights down from dipped to side lights for a second or two your whole headlamp goes blue. They soon move over after that i can tell you! Not that i ever did it of course ;-)

Scarlet Fever -

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