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MG MGF Technical - F to TF headlamp conversion

Hi all,
Ive just seen a picture (on the central scotlands web site)of a silver MGF with TF projector headlamps fitted into the standard shape F headlight bowl. (not just fitting a TF bumper and headlights.)
Has anyone got a link on how to do this?
Or do any of the specialists offer this conversion?
This would be a great alternative to having the deflectors rechromed!
Thanks in advance
John Reed

No prescribed way of doing this. I've looked into using the projectors from a TF in the MGF headlamp bowel - but unfortunately they're a little too long. An alternative (which may be the same car you mention) is to use Fiat projectors, which I gather to be that little bit shorter. Once you've got the projectors to fit, the challenge then is to complete the transformation in a suitably OEM-looking way - quite a tall order, but certainly potentially worth it!

If you do go ahead down this route, do let us know how you get on! :o)
Rob Bell

John, can you provide a link to the car in question?

Hi Leigh,
No sorry, I can't blinking find the web site I saw it on, let alone the picture!
Im off work tomorrow (3rd attempt at fitting the TF rack!)I'll dredge my history file then and let you know.
If someone had achieved a projector conversion, they would have writen about it here surely?
I cant find any mention in the archive.
John Reed

Here's a link to the picture in question -

If I remember correctly the chap just modified his bumper to accommodate the shape of the TF lights. I think that it looks really good - better that the OEM lights.
David Clelland

That'd be an awful lot of work for a GRP specialist to undertake... very very impressive! Looks undeniably good too.

Another option would be to use a TF 500LE front bumper, that in many ways is more in keeping with the original MGF style than the original TF bonnet?
Rob Bell

Leigh, your a gentleman, thankyou! i knew i didnt imagine it!
Ok, the options are as follows;(other than replace like for like or re-chrome and lacquer)
1) We find out how this was done on this particular car and worship the inventive soul who managed this massive feet.(unless photoshop was involved) And copy them.(Perfered option as its the path of least resistence!)

2) MGF Centre (and others, Demon Tweeks etc)sell a HID Kit which ONLY changes the bulb to a more powerful xenon, not a projector, and the reflector/deflector is still required to be in a servicable condition.(ie MOT failures will still fail.)

3) A complete kit of some kind
A)Find a universal HID projector kit, which, with minor alterations can fit the standard bowl/ headlamp assembley.(
B) Find a scrapyard donor (ie, a rear ended Fiat BMW et al.)for the parts and develop a brackets /instalation instructions kit.
C) Find a way of fitting the TF projectors further back into the MGF's bowl, and develop into a kit.

4) (Brace yourselves) Aftermarket replacement HID projector angel eye (Misteron style, for us oldies) headlamps are available for vertually any car a teenager can afford to run, from Saxos to BMW's, even MK6 Escorts! usually in a standard looking silver bowl (ie MGF style) or in black (TF style), Prices range from 150-ish to 300. Ive emailed a few companies for info on a limited production run to "test" this new market.

Ideally, the different product solutions would be;

A bugit kit, using as many standard parts as possable, but would involve DIY fitting, ie striping your own headlights down, etc.

A standard looking headlight unit, straight forward swap using a complete replacement projector headlamp unit which just needs fitting and aligning.

AND A funky modern TF/Trophy inspired style headlight with black/body coloured bowl and Misteron rings as side lights etc.

I'll keep you posted on developments on a producion run(Pigs, final checks before take off please)but it would be nice to have a proper, low hassle answer to this deterating reflective surface problem.

(and if a bloody saxo can have misteron headlights i want them too!)
John :-)
John Reed

Hi Leigh and Rob,
I didnt read you post fully/ took so long to type my post that i didnt read Robs (and still made loads of spelling mistakes!)
I have no idea what body work /fabrication would be involved, or if the GRP would be susceptable to cracks, but it looks fantastic!
I think i'd have it done for the intergrated trophy splitter alone!
thanks again, must get some house work done now, before my pocket money goes to the divorce court!
John Reed

I come from the wrong side of the country to be Leigh :-) However, there was a site that showed various pictures of the bumper being altered. To be honest I didn't think that it needed that much work. The bonnet and wing lines are still the same it just needs a bit cut out of the bumper for the pointed bit of the light to fit and then made to look respectable. I had a look for the website but couldn't find it. The car has German plates so possibly Dieter knows who owns it. I considered doing it myself, but my car is hardly ever out in the dark, so there didn't seem much point. If you do decide to go ahead with it John let us know how you get on.
David Clelland

Here's a picture to compare the bumper with F and TF lights.

David Clelland

It'll be a fair amount more work than just a bit of cutting as the TF lamps are around 15mm shallower than than the MGF units - as you'll notice if you study the contour of the bumper under the head lamps on the standard MGF, and then compare it to the TF headlamp conversion.

This is a very neat conversion, but probably not quite the level of us mere mortal DIY enthusiast.

Hopefully an aftermarket supplier will come to the rescue, as I would be interested in a conversion that would work with a standard MGF bumper :o)
Rob Bell

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