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MG MGF Technical - F won't start!!!

While leaving my F unattended for near 1 month now as i await the delivery of a replacement engine due to HGF, I was advised by my mechanic to start it periodically to keep the existing engine in life.

When i tried to start it this evening, the first signs of battery drainage were visable as the blipper just about enabled my doors to unlock. The gear lever is all stiff as is the steering wheel, the rev meter moves when the ignition is turned and nothing seems to work. There's also a ticking sound from the engine when the ignition is on, which leaves me guessing that it's the fuel pump trying to send petrol.

I tried charging the battery but it made no difference whatsover. On top of it all, the car wouldn't even lock and even more bizarre, the alarm was ticking away as i eventually did succeed in locking.

Any ideas??????? :o(

JW Ioannou

Sounds as though the Battery has completely given up the ghost and is failing to retain a charge.

Best bet is probably to replace it - this should solve the problem...
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 22/02/2006

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